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Why him? he's my father's bestfriend and my teacher, so why do i feel like this towards him.... "Is it okay to do this?" "You want it, don't you?" Will Eva fight for her feelings towards her dad's friend, or would she try to forget him? Is Brett also in love with her? would he fight for them both or let go? what would her father say. While reading please be aware that: This is a forbidden romance. Age gap. Enjoy~~

Romance / Drama
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“Did you hear about the new teacher?" Kayla said in a dull tone

“What happened to Mrs. Juliana?” I replied although I was happy, Mrs. Julia annoyed me, her class was beyond boring

“She’s pregnant and apparently, she needed solving some family issues” Kayla always knew everything, she also found Mrs. Julia’s class boring but pretended to not. Of course, Mrs. Julia didn’t know she also hated the subject, that’s how they’re close

“Who's the new teacher?”

"I haven't seen him yet but according to rumours, he's hot"

I laughed “I do hope the new teacher is attractive, then maybe I’ll actually find interest in history”

“And forget about Brett” Kayla added, she knew I had a crush on Brett, my father’s best friend, but she wanted me to get over him and find someone my age as he doesn’t even acknowledge me

I rolled my eyes “It’s not so easy”

“Girl, just don’t think about him! I can introduce you to some of my guy friends!” Kayla said fanning her hand “Also, if the new teacher is actually hot, you could try to-”

“Ew, no! Just don’t say anything”

“Yeah yeah, keep on crushing hard on a man who’s never g-” We were caught off a husky sexy voice

We turned to see who the new teacher is, but instead saw Brett, our eyes met and he smiled

“What is he doing here? oh em gee, Is he the new teacher?!” Kayla whispered loudly in my ear making me glare at her to keep shut

“Morning everyone, starting from today, I’m the history teacher. The name’s Brett Davis, but obviously for you all, It’s Mr. Davis. While teaching, I dislike noise, not presenting works at the appropriate time and not paying attention. Now, I would like for today’s class to be for introductions and if anyone has questions, don’t hesitate to ask”

“Yes, he is” Kayla gasped playfully making me roll my eyes at the obvious

The class started introducing, till it got to my turn, he already knew me so i found no reason to do the whole introduction "Eva, and I hope the class doesn’t get boring like the other teacher"

His eyes widened and he chuckled as I sat down. Kayla went next and that’s how everyone introduced, he was actually funny. He was at my home most of the time as my dad’s friend but he never usually joked like this, he was funny and outgoing and sometimes we played or talked but since what happened he didn’t talk to me much anymore

“So that’s the end for today, by next class, we’re gonna start on a new project, so start preparing who to team up with” He smiled as the bell rang signalling the end of the class

“Babe, we so have to talk about this, I can see why you still like him, he looks hotter and younger everyday!" Kayla said grabbing her things as we walked towards the door

“Eva” Brett called making me look back at what he needed “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Kayla winked seductively at me as I walked back towards Brett

“Brett” I could feel my face already getting red from how he was looking at me

“Mr. Davis” He corrected

“I’m also supposed to call you that?” I pouted

“Of course, at school everyone calls me Mr. Davis, no exceptions, when we’re not at school, then, you can call me Brett”

I rolled my eyes “What do you need me for?”

“I was looking at how everyone did with the other teacher and you had the lowest grade”

I looked down a bit embarrassed, the last person in the world I would want finding out about my idiotic grades is Brett


“Mr. Davis” he corrected, once again

I sighed annoyed “Mr. Davis, It Isn’t my fault, the last teacher was so boring”

“Well now I’m here, you have to do better if you don’t want me showing your results to your dad. By next week, we’ll have a little test and if you don’t improve by then, you’ll have to stay extra classes”

“No! I promise to do better, just don’t tell dad. I’ll improve”

He nodded and I fake smiled walking outside

“Girl, come here!” Kayla said fanning her hand towards me to come over, she was seated with two tall guys, one with blue eyes and dark hair and the other with brown eyes and curly hair, damn they were stunning hot

‘Yeah but Brett is way hotter with his grey eyes and slightly dark hair, even more when he smiles and clenches his jaw’ And that there, is my inner voice.

“Hi, I’m Tyler” The guy with brown eyes smiled making his dimples show

“And I’m Jason" The guy with blue eyes said

“And she’s Eva” Kayla cut in before I could talk

“Nice to meet you two” I smiled

The two guys nodded and Tyler continued “Well, seems we’re gonna have to continue this next time, it was great meeting you, but we have to go”

“Yeah yeah, Tyler's girlfriend is crazy, if she finds out they’re both here with us, she’ll go crazier” Kayla said making everyone laugh as the two guys stood up and started walking away

“So what happened?” Kayla grabbed me to sit next to her

I rolled my eyes “He wanted to talk about my grades, if I don’t improve he’ll tell my dad and make me stay extra lessons”

Kayla started laughing “It’s obvious he’s not interested in you, and you’re still drooling all over him” she turned to me and stopped laughing “You see those two guy who just left? they’re my close friends, I can help you get with Tyler”

I rolled my eyes and removed her hands from my arm “Doesn’t Tyler have a girlfriend?”

“Yeah but she’s crazy, and he doesn’t like her anymore, he’s just too nice to break her heart” She rolled her eyes

“But still, what about Jason?”

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s a player, and I don’t want him breaking your heart, so don’t even”

“No! Look, I’m trying to forget Bre-Mr. Davis, but I can’t. Now I have to see him everyday at school, put yourself in my shoes!”

She sighed “I can't, because I'll never just fall for a man much older than me even after he rejected me”

"I should really forget him right?" I pouted sadly, hitting my head slightly on the table

She rolled her eyes “No bitch, continue crushing on him all your life and when you get to college, you'll hear the news he's about to get married and that's when you'll be taken back at the reason to not like him"


"I don't know, it just came to my mind okay? But you get what I'm saying"

“Ugh, he's not gonna fall for another person, I'm pretty sure he also likes me, If not he would have told my dad, right?"

“What?" she rolled her eyes then scoffed

“Forget it" I leaned over to my chair and rolled my eyes. I've tried countless time trying to forget about Brett, but I just couldn't, and now he's my history teacher, It was going to be worse trying to forget him

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