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Everlyn Carter is 23 years old, she's trying to move on from the past of her abusive relationship, she just wants to be free and have a peaceful life.. And then there's Jaxon Smith but everyone calls him "Reaper" a 25 year old biker from the "Hell Hound MC". He got that name because of the amount of men he's killed. He may be tough when it comes to family but when he's alone he struggles with the thoughts in his head.. When Everlyn and Reaper meet can they be each other's saviour?

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Chapter one


It's now 4:30pm and I'm making my way to Dusty's Bar, I work there as a waitress. Luckily from my flat its only a 15 minute walk. As soon as I walk through the doors I'm greeted by Cathy she gives me a hug. "Hey Everlyn, how are you doing darling?" She says with a huge smile on her face. "Hi Cathy, I'm okay! How's you?" I reply while walking with her to the office behind the bar. "Good, oh you know me Plodding along" Cathy giggles to herself as she makes her way back into the bar.

I put my bag into my locker and head back into the bar, it's a Friday night but the bar is pretty quiet today. I make my way over to Cathy, I see her behind the bar she's dancing away to the music while serving people their drinks. I've only been working here now for around six weeks but Cathy has made me feel so at home, she has short brown hair, dark brown eyes, she's not tall but she's taller than me about 5'5 and I'm only 5'2.

Once I'm at the bar I start taking people's orders, most of people that I have seen in the last six weeks have been regulars here but tonight I notice three men sat in a booth. They all have the same leather jacket on, their jackets are covered in patches. The men are very intense I can feel myself just staring at them, but one of the men I can't seem to peel my eyes away from. He's got shaggy dark chocolate brown hair, dark brown eyes almost black. A long scar that goes all along his cheekbone, he was very well built. He was gorgeous.

But he must have felt me looking at him because all of a sudden his eyes snap up at look directly at me. His stare is so intense, once he's finished looking me up and down he just looks away. "They are from the Hell Hound MC" Cathy said while snapping me out of my daydream.. "The older guy is Tank, the blonde one is Charlie and the guy checking you out is Jaxon, but everyone calls him Reaper"she said quietly. She goes on to tell me that the Hell Hounds actually own this bar, I never knew that.

After a few hours the bar started to pick up and it was busy, my feet are killing me and I couldn't wait to get back home. Every now and again I could feel someone staring at me I could feel their eyes burning into me, each time I looked around I would see that it was Reaper staring at me with that same intense look he gave me earlier, it sent chills up my spin but not in a bad way like I thought it would.

A few more hours later and that was the end of my shift. I clean up the bar, collect all the cups off the table and put them into the dishwasher.

I make my way into the office and get my back out my locker, walking back through the bar I turn off the lights and make my way out with Cathy. Once we are outside Cathy locks the door and turns to give me a hug goodbye. " Goodnight darling, make sure you get home safe and I'll see you tomorrow" she said as she walks away. "Goodnight, see you tomorrow" I reply.

I turn myself in the opposite direction and all of a sudden I bump into something hard and I land flat on my ass on the floor, I look up too see what I bumped into but I realise it was a person."I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you" I say nervously. "Are you okay? You hit the floor with quite a thud.." the man replied. As he shuffled he moved slightly into the light and that's when I realised the man I had bumped into was Reaper..

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