Loving Everlyn..

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Chapter two


Me and the guys are on our bikes coming back from a ride, we decided to stop at Dustys bar for a drink. We park our bikes, head inside and grab ourselves a booth to sit at, as soon as we're sat down one of the waitresses brings us are usual.

Tank and Charlie are having a conversation moaning about one of the new prospects, I start to get this feeling I was being watched so I looked around the bar to see who was staring. As I look up I see the most beautiful girl, she has warm brown hair that falls at her waist, bright green eyes, she's tiny in height and body but her body is also full of curves. She was stunning.. "she's too good for you".."you don't deserve someone like that" I say to myself. I realise I've been staring at her for too long so I look away.

"Hey Tank, who's the new girl?" I asked Tank. "That's Everlyn, she came in about six weeks ago for a job. Cathy got attached to her right away!" He said while taking another shot of jack. "Don't get no ideas lad, Cathy said she's had shitty relationships in the past she don't need you adding to that!" I sighed knowing he was right, I'm no good for people especially when they look like her.

But I couldn't keep my eyes off her, I felt a sense of calm just by looking at her. "Man what's up with you? You look even more pissed than usual." Charlie said while laughing and slapping me across the shoulder. "Nothing" I grunted. I knew full well it was nothing, it was because I could see all these men eye stalking Everlyn.

"Come on boys let go" Tank slurred. "I'm going to take him back, the fucker can barely walk" Charlie said. I looked at Tank and back at Charlie and simply nodded.

The bar had closed and I waited outside for Everlyn. Although she didn't know who I was so she was probably thinking I'm just some weirdo, so I started pacing debating if this was a good idea or not. I was just about to turn around and hop on my bike when I heard her talking to Cathy, I moved closer so I could talk to Everlyn but she turned around so quickly she bumped right into my chest which made her drop to the floor. I quickly grabbed her my hand to help her up. "Are you okay? You hit the floor with quite a thud.." I said. Instantly questioning why I said that.

She looked up at with a shocked expression. "Are you okay?" I asked again. "Yeah I'm fine thank you, sorry again. Bye." She said while starting to walk away.

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