Loving Everlyn..

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Chapter three


As I watch her walk away I hop on my bike and make my way back to the club house, I park my bike next to all my brothers bikes. As I pull myself off my bike I grab my pack of smokes from my cut and light it.

Once I reach the doors I kick them open and throw my fag on the floor. I see a few of my brothers sat at the bar, as usual the club whores are all over them. The act like a fly on shit. Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of them, I mean they are easy on the eye and easy to get into bed. They walk around with their fake boobs hanging out, bleached hair and tones of make up. They definitely aren't the type of woman you make you're old lady.

"Hey brother, want a jack?" Vik says from behind the bar. "Yea, thanks" I reply. I take a sip of my drink and all I can hear is the clonking of high heels on the wooden floor, I feel two hands running up and down my back. "Hey handsome, want to have some fun?" Candy whispers in my ear making me cringe. I don't respond I just take another sip of my drink. She makes her way in front of me and stands in between my legs.

"Come on Reaper, stop frowning. Let's go upstairs I can make you relax" She says while trying to run her fingers through my hair.

"Not tonight" I say to her with a stern voice as I remove her hands from me. She storms off with a huff and flicks her hair. When I'm in a mood like this normally I wouldn't say no, I would take her upstairs give her a rough fuck and send her on her way, but tonight was different I couldn't get that damn waitress from Dusty's out of my head.

I grab the bottle of jack and make my way upstairs to my room. I unlocked my door go into my room and kick the door shut behind me. I pull off my boots and take off all my clothes except my boxers and flop onto my bed.

"Don't get no ideas lad". "She doesn't need you adding to her shit" Tanks words reply in my head. She probably doesn't need my shit but the thought of another man being with her and touching her makes me want to go crazy! Getting frustrated that I can't get her out of my mind I down the rest of the bottle of jack and pass out.

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