Loving Everlyn..

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Chapter four


It's been nearly a week since I first met Reaper he comes into the bar nearly everyday, sometimes he comes alone but most of the time he comes with his brothers from the club. It's always the same with him he doesn't say much he just watches and smiles now and again.

"Everlyn are you free next.." Cathy was saying but before she could finish a man came banging through the doors into the bar, he was frantically looking around the room and that's when I noticed it was my ex Lucus. I thought he had finally got bored of me and moved onto someone else but that looks in his eyes got me thinking I was very wrong. Cathy looked at me she instantly knew, I had told her everything she was the only person I felt I could trust to tell this too, I haven't even told my friend Sophie and I live with her. I zone out thinking back to the last time I saw him.


-3 months earlier-

"I'm at home cooking dinner for myself and Lucus ready for when he gets home from work, I hear the door open and keys placed on the coffee table. I walk over to the door to great him but I get and overwhelming smell of alcohol. Realising Lucus was drunk I started to panic he always got violent when he's drunk. I quickly walk back into the hoping he didn't notice me and will pass out on the sofa."

"I feel his hands running up my side into my hair. "What's for dinner? Don't I get a hello kiss? I am your boyfriend after all!" He asks. I quickly turn around and give him a kiss. "We're having spaghetti" I reply. That's when I feel his grip tighten on my hair and he yanks it dragging me to the floor."

"You've been home all day and you cook me this shit?" He says while jabbing me in the ribs. Lucus doesn't let me go to work he makes me stay at home and be a typical housewife, I hate it but if I refuse he would hit me so i just kept my mouth shut. I go to say something to him and he punches me in the face three times, I don't really know what else he said to me after that but I remember him hitting me a few more times and him giving me a few kicks to my stomach. He then dragged me to the bedroom and threw me onto the bed, ripped me clothes and raped me."

The next day while he was at work I packed my things and move in with my friend Sophie.

That was the last time I had seen Lucus until now I thought to myself. All of a sudden I feel right grip on my arm bringing me out of my thoughts. "Lucus" I say shocked as he pulls me by my wrist and takes me down the corridor towards the back door. He pins me to the wall trapping me with both his arms. "Lucus whhat do youu want?" I say while stuttering. "You fucking bitch, you think you can pack up and leave me?", "you're fucking mine" he says.

I try to duck under his arm and run away from Him but before I get the chance he grabs my shirt and pins me to the wall by my throat strangling me. "You're coming back with me now, I won't be letting you leave again" he says while tightening the grip on my neck.

"GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HER NOW!!" I hear an rough angry voice say. Lucus drops his hold on my neck but tightly grabs my wrists. I see Reaper stood with his hands in fists he looks furious.

"She's my girlfriend, I'll do what the fuck I want with her" Lucus spat while trying to drag me out the bar. I snatch my hand away from him and shout, "I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. LEAVE ME ALONE!!".

"You heard her leave her the fuck alone and get your dirty ass out our bar!" Reaper said. Lucus turned to me "I'll be back for you" he said but as he turned around Reaper punched him in the face knocking him to the ground. "Like I said, get the fuck out and stay away from Everlyn or you're dead. Do you understand me?" Lucus laughed at Reaper while walking out the bar.

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