Loving Everlyn..

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Chapter five.


As I watch Lucas walk out the door I can barely contain my anger, debating if I should go and follow him and give him the beating he deserves. I hear a quiet "Thank you" I look down to see Everlyn giving me a shy smile. "You're welcome, are you okay?" I ask her, she just nods and looks down at her feet.

"Come on, let me take you home" I say to her. It's fine, you don't have too you've already helped me out tonight, I can just walk home it's not far from here" she replies while looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes of hers. "Everlyn, after what's just happened there's no way I'm letting you walk home alone. Now come on get your bag let's go"

Everlyn quickly walks back to the bar, I see her talking to Cathy she says something to her but I can't hear what they are saying, Cathy gives her a hug. "We will talk about this tomorrow, get home safe sweetie and if you need anything call me" Cathy says to Everlyn. "Okay I will, see you tomorrow Cathy" once she's finished talking to Cathy I see her frantically rushing around to collect her things.

I'm just stood here frozen looking at her, looking at how beautiful and tiny she is just makes me want to lock her in my room protect her, kiss her, run my tongue all over her body.. wait what? What am I thinking, I just want to look out for her nothing more I can't let her get that close to me.

"Reaper?" Snapping out of my thoughts I see Everlyn stood next to me with the most beautiful smile on her face. "Ready?" I ask her. She nods, I walk out of the bar and she's following close behind me.

Once we're outside we stop by my bike "have you ever been on a bike before?". "No, I haven't" she replies, I don't know why but the idea of me being the first person she rides with makes me so fucking happy. Placing my helmet on her head, she giggles as it's too big for her but I tighten it up the best I can. "Wait, what about you? You haven't got a helmet on!" I just laugh "don't worry about me darlin, I've been riding a long time I'll be fine"

I sit myself on the bike and she places her hands on my shoulders and flicks her leg over my bike, I feel her slide herself close to me. Her thighs and core are pressed up against me, her hands move from my shoulders to around my stomach holding onto me. Feeling her presses up against me makes me want to just take her right here right now on my bike. God I'm going to need a cold shower when I get home, I think to myself.

"Right, hold on to me tight I don't want you falling off and when the bike leans you lean with it ok?" I say to her. "Okay, got it!" She replies. She's gives me her address and with that my bike roars to life.

Less than ten minutes later we arrive at her flat, she hops off my bike and passes me the helmet. "Want me to walk you to your door?" I ask her. "Sure" she says with a smile on her face, I follow behind her up the stairs. "Would you like to come I for a coffee or a beer?" She asks me while fiddling with her keys to unlock the door.

"I can't stay, I got to get back to the club" I lie. I don't have to be anywhere but if I spend anymore time with her then I'll never be able to walk away from her. As much as I want her I can't drag her into this life.

All of a sudden I feel a kiss on my cheek, it sends a strange feeling all over my body. I look at her and she's blushing, god she looks adorable. "Well, thank you for helping me earlier and thanks for the ride home, I really appreciate it!"

"Anytime" I reply back to her "wait give me your phone, I'll give you my number so incase of an emergency you can call me" instantly regretting my idea of giving her my number already but I want her to feel safe.

Handing her back her phone, "Thank you again, goodnight" she says while walking through her front door. I nod and turn myself around and head back down the stairs. I walk over to my bike and head back to the clubhouse.

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