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The Encounter

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Victoria Rose Jones is a determined and opinioned woman who worked as a defence lawyer...Blake Alexander Williams is a man who has everything ..money, power, the right connections and of course the looks...Blake and Victoria were best friends in college and madly in love with each other..But after graduation Blake suddenly disappeared and left without any explanation or phonecall...What will happen when the two meet again? Will this encounter wake buried feelings or will they act like nothing happen between them ? After all the past is the past , right? Wrong...

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Please do not copy! This is my story and i will haunt you down if you steal my work! 🐵

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English is not my mother tongue so i am aware of the mistakes .

Strong language/ intense scenes!



* Victoria Rose Jones : 25 years old , Defence Lawyer, one brother Kaden

* Blake Alexander Williams : 25 years old, Civil Attorney, works at his family’s law firm.

* Christian Black : 26 years old , police officer, Victoria’s childhood friend

* Marc Calum: 26 years old , police officer, Victoria’s best friend

* Olivia Kalvin : 24 years old , teacher, best friends with Victoria , Marc and Christian

* Adrian Williams : 27 years old, well known surgeon, Blake’s brother

Note : 1. Just a few details about the characters of this story ... you can picture them as you want..

2. As you plobably have noticed i have mentioned only the middle names of the two main characters .The reason is that the two names are used very often , so try not to get confused.

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