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The Encounter

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Chapter 1

″ Don’t miss out on your life just because you’re too busy scrolling through someone else’s″

- M.Robbins

* Victoria *

It is Friday night and i am sitting in my living room admiring the beautiful view...there is something in NY that mesmerise me...maybe are the lights that give life to the dark tall buildings or perhaps i like watching people walk down the street at night...as creepy as that sounds..i cannot tell though...i am too exhausted..let me tell you... lawyering is fucking hard...

A few minutes later and i have already close my eyes ..ready to finally fall asleep...when an annoying noise broke my peace...

″ What ?″ i snapped picking up the damn phone..

″ Well, hello to you too..″


″The one and only″ Oli said with a happy voice.. i can imagine the wide smile on her face...that’s the thing with my best friend ..she is always so happy, always smiles, never complains or argues...she is such a sweetheart...yeah that’s the right word to describe her..sweetheart..On the other hand , i am more...well i am not a sweetheart..that’s for sure..Let’s just say that Olivia is the sun and i am more like the moon...sometimes i am full of life and same days i am half alive...

″ What do you want Oli ″ ? i said with an enormous grin on my face..

″ Easy tiger, i was thinking.. we could spend the weekend together...since i haven’t seen you like forever..″

″ Is that why you called ″?

″ Yeahh.″

″ My dear friend i have work to do.. you know...i am not doing nothing like you all day″

″ Ohh come on Vi, don’t be a bitch ..you know very well that i am a responsible teacher..actually these country’s kids depend on me..″

″ Pour kids..i feel sorry for them..″ i commend

″ Very funny, Vi.. but seriously you need to have some fun..″

″ Alright , Olivia..come to my place..but not too early..i swear to God..if you wake me up..i will kill you with my bare hands..″

″ Fine..see ya tomorrow then..Night Vicky! ″

″Night Oli ..!″

Around noun Olivia came to my apartment as she promised...needless to say that the whole day we were eating junk food or watching funny videos on the Internet...such a bless! The next day, it was Sunday...which means .. Tennis day . Me ,Olivia , Christian and Marc have this ritual ..every Sunday we play Tennis and the loser buys dinner..The night came quickly and the all time losers made us delicious dinner..These assholes know how to cook..

" Will you go to the fundraiser next weekend ” ? Christian asked me..

" I don’t know Chris , maybe...why ? ”

" Because Vicky.. i am going and i need i date..”

" Come on..i am sure you don’t have to even try to find someone to accompany you.. besides you can arrest or threat a poor woman to come with you..is that you cups do ? ”

" Now you are being unfair my dear Rosie...we actually protect the civilians and make sure that the crimin-..”

" That’s bullshit and you know it Chris..i am the one who puts assholes behind bars and you are the one that makes sure people like me don’t do their jobs right becau-..”

" Enough! i want to eat peacefully and that doesn’t include listening you two idiots argue..you always act like you are 8 years old and trying to convince each other who’s job is better...well , you” she pointed at me..
" you defend people who have done terrible things not only the innocent ones ..and you”
this time she was talking about Chris.. ” your kind arrests people for nothing ..not to mention you use force in order to make your self clear..So, stop this shit and eat your damn dinner like normal people do..”

" I agree with Olivia ”

“Shut up, Marc” Me and Christian said at the same time.

" I’ll come with you to the fundraiser Chris, but if you piss me off ..i am not going to hold myself back..and that’s a promise..”

“That was quick..” He comment with a half smile..

" I am being serious here Christian”

" I know you are my Rosie and i promise you..i will be a perfect gentleman towards you. It can’t be that hard.”

" Then i suggest you start this whole gentleman shit from now because it’s gonna take a while to learn how to be one..my Christian..”

“You are a funny lady Rosie.. I’ll give you that..”


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