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It's said that 'too much' isn't good, even when it's happiness. That's what happened to me. I was happy, too much happy to be precised and just like that I am mended to be unhappy. I had a loving family and a boyfriend who loved me. All was okay untill a day. I was to marry a unknown man, and he happens to be my boyfriend's step brother. You think it can't be worst, I knew they are related when I was standing as his sister-in-law to be in the alter. "I fucking hate you."he said me. "I love you." his brother once used to say me. Just like that it turned out the fantasy I was living was a facade and all my feelings faded... ***Vivian, a sweet, innocent girl fighting with her family for her mother. And fighting against her own emotions and feelings. Either love wins or lust.*** What happens when your sweet, loving boyfriend is the step-brother of your Adonis husband???

Romance / Erotica
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"Do you Ethan Elvis Matthews

Take, Vivian Bree Brooks,

To be your wife;

To have and to hold.

From this day forward,

For better, for worse,

For richer for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

To love and to cherish,

Till death do you apart."

"I do" he said without missing a beat, his eyes past me.

"Do you Vivian Bree Brooks

Take Ethan Elvis Matthews

To be your husband;

To have and to hold,

From this day forward,

For better for worse,

For richer for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

To love and to cherish,

Till death do you apart."

'No, I don't.' I wanted to say but I couldn't, it was like someone locked my lips and threw away the keys. I couldn't look past those blue orbs, not the eyes of the man standing in front of me as my groom but of the one standing behind him as his best man. I don't understand a thing, I mean how? How did he end up here? Being the best man of The Ethan Matthews. Ethan doesn't strike as a cool dude, who says 'Hi it's my wedding today, you wannabe be my best man?' Was he paid to be Ethan's best man? That's possible!! How can so cold, ruthless, short tempered billionaire have a friend? It's impossible right? So he did the only thing he could

. . . he bought a friend.

I was still looking at the eyes of the man I love. It was as if he forgot how to breathe, he was as pale as a paper, body stiff. Those blue orbs used to be as calm as a sea, but right now it was as if the sea was facing a very big storm. The waves of emotions were swirling among those orbs betrayal, misery, anger and some mirroring mine.



His blonde curls disturbing his eyes, eyebrows knitted together, his jaw clenched, hands fisted so tight his knuckles gone white. But still as a tree, he didn't budge, didn't questioned me. But I needed answers. What was he doing here? He wasn't supposed to be here. As I was going to open my mouth he looked away. No, he was hiding his emotions.

I too looked away. I looked around me, only family member and few friends were invited. As the marriage was to kept secret no media personnel was here. People were all looking at us, some with teary eyes, some with small smiles, some with goofy, some held hatred and some held envy in their eyes.

Except my father he was wearing a knowing look. Warning.

I again looked towards those blue orbs, they were on me now. I can't do this, how can I do this. I felt a hand on mine, I averted my gaze towards them to find the culprit. A big muscular hand was grasping mine in theirs. Following the hand I came to meet with the grey orbs of my groom.

His eyes resembled the dark, angry clouds before the heavy rain. As if it's a storm. His cheek bones high as his ego. He had a five o'clock shadow which did nothing to hide his arrogance. Below his sharp perfect nose sits a set of full lips, which only braked the orders. His hair, girls will kill to have hair like his. Ebony. The darkest shade of ebony. As smooth as his clothes. There's not a single crease in his clothes. His shoes was shiny, I could see my face if I were to bend a little.

Ethan Matthews.

Arrogant Basterd.

What should I do, I again looked towards my father, he just said a word to me. And just like that words came out of my mouth.

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