We're The Problem

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(Full Synopsis Inside) (can be read as a stand alone) < but I don't recommend it. This is Ophelia and Kade's story 3 years later A chance meeting again A tragedy Trauma And most importantly love Follow them through it all This is your friendly trigger warning ⚠️this book contains graphic violence, death, sexual assault and mature language. Please read at your own merit⚠️ This is the sequel to Conflict of Interest. You don't necessarily need to read COI but it would make things less confusing. Synopsis is on the first chapter. Enjoy We're The Problem!!

Romance / Drama
Liv Miley
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Its been 3 years since Ophelia broke things off with Kade for good. She is now in the prime of her career as CEO of Savor Santori Design. Her companies designs are the most sought out in the world right now. Everyone is fighting for a taste of her newest creations, begging to show them off to the world. Her dreams are finally coming true.

Ophelia’s love life however is in the gutter. The dates are horrendous and she finds something wrong with every guy. She knows there is nothing truly wrong with them, it’s her heart. It rejects anyone who isn’t the one she wants. After all this time one man still has her heart with no intention of returning it, she doesn’t know if she wants it back. The one guy she can’t seem to get over is the same one who now haunts her dreams at night. Kade De Luca. This man, this man was once the guy she dreamt about a forever with, a dream that was never made into a reality. He is now the one her heart yearns for and belongs to. He is also the one her brain just wants to forget.

Kade De Luca is not a nice man. Raised in a house with a man that used physical force as discipline showed Kade the world was cruel. Groomed by his father to be a killer, Kade never tried to be anything else. He’s known for being as ruthless as his family name. By birth right Kade is to take over from his father. Usually it is known that you can marry whomever you please as long as they are 100% Italian. So he made a choice, to marry for an heir and for his family marrying someone that could provide his family with more connections and so much more. So he chose to marry for convenience not for love.

Never once did he regret his decision. Until the day of his wedding, he found himself wishing the bride was the one girl who attacked the ropes that tied him to the Earth and became his new gravity. The one thing keeping him grounded, the one thing that kept him sane. Seeing a woman that wasn’t her walk down the aisle was more painful than any torcher he would ever or has ever had to endure. It brought a pain to his heart he never knew, something foreign and he didn’t like it very much.

Leaving this woman at the alter to find a woman he once lost 3 years ago. The only woman he’s ever loved and the only one he wants to see wearing a white dress walking toward him. The longing to see her, kiss her and hold her in his arms was eating him alive. More determined than ever he sets his sights on a girl with sun kissed hair and eyes that shine like bright vivid emeralds. Moving into the apartment next to hers and partnering with a certain design company he has one goal... Get her back at ANY cost.

There is no way he’s giving up now his goal: To love her the way he was supposed to the first time and to prove for once and for all he truly needs her.

But somewhere feeling hopeless Ophelia has one sentence that seems to echo through her mind when she thinks of their relationship. “In the end, We’re The Problem”.

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