We're The Problem

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Chapter 1

It has been three years since Dare and Gage got married. She now has a 3 year old boy named Theodore and he is adorable. It’s also been three years since I broke things off with Kade. I haven’t seen or heard from him since that day. Not that I want to or anything. I’ve got my life and my company. I don’t need him, it’s been 3 years I should really get over him, if it were that easy. It’s not like I haven’t tried...I’ve been on dates they’ve just been...well?


“That’s why I would make a great lawyer, shame I didn’t get into law school. You know, I was known in school for being the most good looking...I was the most wanted by every girl. Including the girls who liked girls, I did them too." I rolled my eyes. Sounds like he's in love with himself. "Not that I can blame them...I am amazing in every way. Any woman would be lucky enough to date me” The guy goes on and on about how amazing he is. I want to stuff this bread role in his mouth and slam his head on the table. I also am tempted to pour this soup down his pants. All he talks about is himself. He has not asked me one question about me. I can't wait to leave.

"Please excuse me I have to use the bathroom" I smile politely and he nods.

"Of course, but hurry back I have to tell you about the time Rhianna called me an amazing man" I gave another half smile before walking to the bathroom and then the exit.


Then there was the “I love my mama” guy. And it’s good that he loves his mom but all he talked about were stories about him and his mom, and he calls her mother every time he references her.


“Mother said that I should’ve gone to the party with Greg but I just couldn’t leave her. She can’t go to the mail box alone she could fall and break a hip” He says as if its the most shocking thing in the world, walking to get your mail from the mailbox...how horrifying.

I slowly took a drink of my drink but quickly gulped it down and looked at the waiter and then smiled at him sweetly.

"I got my mother and I matching sweaters, look how cute that is" he says pulling out his phone. Oh God kill me please.


I tried, I just couldn’t find one that I clicked well with. There were some that were okay but I couldn’t help but compare them to him. It’s awful I know, but no matter what date I am on or which guy I am with. He seems to invade my thoughts and my dreams. I don’t know why I can’t seem to let him go.

On my way to work and I am stuck at a damn red light. This light takes forever, I wonder if they like have this on a timer because if they do...IT’S BROKEN! I let out a large sigh and look to the heavens muttering a quiet prayer. “Dear God in heaven please I beg of you don’t let this day suck and give me the strength to remain calm and unstressed”I pause muttering under my breath I look up again to the light “Amen” looking around taking in my surroundings but I am snapped out of my day dream or my prayer for a good day by a car horn. I look up to see the light has turned green and I let out another breath. “I’m gonna have a good day, I’m gonna have a good day, I’m gonna have a good day” I chant over and over turning into my 10 story building.

I am proud of what I have made, it took some sacrifices but in the end it was all worth it. I walk through the glass door that is cold to the touch due to the cool February air. 2023 has been a bitch to say the least, but not a bad bitch, I have had to work harder than I ever had bitch. I am grateful for it though. The empire that is Savor Santori Design has made the world rumble with excitement.

My poor workers and interns are knee deep in orders and offers from celebrities and others. I feel bad I have been hiring like crazy since we’ve been so busy I have to open another office because of all of the foot traffic we’ve been getting. I’ll have to choose a president or vice president, whatever you call it...someone to run the second office. I can’t do both so I’ll watch the main office and someone will help me with office number two. I had to hire a new Melanie who is also an investor. He is scheduled to come in sometime this week.

I am curious as to who it is, so far they have been completely anonymous. He want’s to come in and help, and still invest in some of my company, I will gladly welcome him aboard. If I make him my new right hand I can move Melanie over to the new office, she helps me plan meetings and deal with clients and helps over see some of the new designers. She hires the people I don’t get time to interview. I would hate to lose her but she is the perfect fit for the position over in building 2. I have no doubt in my mind she can do it. Walking absentmindedly through my building greeting the people who greet me making a beeline to my meeting room.

“Morning boss” Xander one of my coders for the app and website designs.

“Xander, make sure the Fem-Bots App and website is up by this afternoon. Send the company the instruction pamphlet no later than 3 this afternoon not 3:05 not 3:30...3. I am tired of getting whiffs of complaints that the information and launches are late, that smells like a bad review, you know what happens when you get a bad review...that person tells other people who tell other people and the last thing I need is any kind of dirt near my company. Okay?” I say looking through my schedule and notes for the meeting.

“Yes Ma’am” he says turning back to his computer while I greet Mel at the door.

“You have everyone in there?” I ask and she nods and then hands me a cup of coffee, I give her a grateful look. “Thank God! I needed this!” I say taking a drink “it’s been one of those days” I say looking at her and she hands me the meeting itinerary along with announcements and the monitor remote.

“Let’s go” she says.

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