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Chapter 2

I take a deep breath putting on my boss hat and stepping into the meeting. People surround the wooden oval table and a grey warm chair is sitting at the end. “I hope the creative parts of your brain are on along with your ears because we have a lot to get done and I want it done ASAP” I walk around and people take out their work tablets. I click the remote and Cherry Wick’s profile comes up.

“This is Cherry Wick, her company is a spa and resort company she wanted an app that allowed members to pay, earn rewards, along with being able to check in, and place down the things you want done while you are there. She was very specific about every aspect. She said we could design it how ever we wanted she just wants those things added. She also wanted the customers to be able to pick the services they wanted at check in through the app, down to the nail color and type of mud” I say continuously clicking the button shuffling through pictures.

“So, we have them categorized as spa, nails, hair, payment, rooming, and rewards. So Dianna log in with the log in I sent to your work app chat. Great, okay, so...” I trail off looking at the bland app home screen. “Go to...spa” I say making a note in my mind to have Dianna go through and make sure the choices work properly. I go to my chair and check the connection of her tablet to my screen, good.

“Click any one of those choices, we just want to make sure there are no flaws, no cards are needed and you won’t be charged it’s not officially running remember this is the run through to make sure the coding is sound and the choices work. We don’t want reports of problems 3 days after launch. Okay, so you chose ~Facial’s~ good. Choose a type so I guess mud cleansing and charcoal peel is fine. Okay, then you will see the time of the appointment. Moving on, okay so this is important” I say making my way back around to the front of the room holding everyone’s attention.

“Every app like this that we will do that has you go in for an appointment we will ask the customer for their preferred staff, if they are regulars many have favorites especially if it is a spa, hair, or nails. 9/10 times the customer has a favorite, but if they don’t under the P/S or Preferred Staff they have a “Anyone” or is it “Random”?” I ask mostly myself glancing at the board for the answer.

“Random. They will have an “Anyone” or “Random” option. But this gives the customer the opportunity to get the staff they want. It will also warn you if that certain staff member has a long wait time and if they can’t get to you to choose a 2nd most preferred. The good thing is this app remembers choices so if you but in Brigitte she will automatically be under your P/S unless you change it. Depending on the service you can choose a number of people you are bringing with you. I don’t care about prices because it’s not my company we’re only here to design an easy working app that Cherry’s customers can use for convenience” I say looking down to the table where my itinerary is and scroll down the list.

“Dianna, will you go through the the services and choices, I want you to make sure everything runs smoothly. Report your issues to Derrick and Xander in coding. Leave nothing out, if there is even a little problem have them fix it, I want to make sure this app had no problems before launch in a couple weeks” I direct and she nods getting to work.

“Next is design and colors, I want the title of the app to be Cherry Days Spa because that is the name of her company. I want the font to be Blackadder ITC and I want the color to be gold, as for the background of that app face. I want that to be a cherry blossom with a darker pink ring going around the boarder I don’t want it too dark maybe 3 or 4 shades darker.

Yep that’s good. Now for the inside, I want the color scheme to be the same the only things in gold are the customers names, the title of the page, and the original home screen that show the services spa, nails, hair, payment, rooming, and rewards, along with the wait time and overall total. Those are the only things in gold, the sub categories can just remain standard font and black color. I also want the main categories to be in Blackadder ITC but those are the only ones. Make the backgrounds of the choices pastel colors. Spa will be a pastel purple, Dexter are you on that?” I ask and he nods. Dex here is the head of coding, he is with me when I look at the apps and websites basically anything that’s tech or online he fixes it right away right here.

Alright, I want the Nails to be pastel light blue, the hair is going to be pastel green, payments pastel yellow, maybe just a tad darker Dex you can barely see it, there that’s good. Rooming will be in pastel turquoise, and rewards will be a pastel red. The wait times are in gold so I am not worried about those. The background needs to match the front so if you can match the covers colors to the rest of the app that should be perfect. Make the pay button a bright lime green. Yes, that is perfect. Okay so if you will Dex send that on down to Derrick and Xander to check for bugs. Dianna how are you on the choices?” I ask.

“Good. I just sent them down to Derrick and Xander ma’am” she says and I nod in satisfaction.

“Okay good, team A will work through that app with a fine tooth comb and make sure its perfect. Next, order of business Echo Electronics app where are we with finishing up his order?” I ask.

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