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Chapter 3

Marco stands up.

“We are ready, it is done all that is left is your final approval and any last changes before launch in 3 days” He informs.

“Alright lets bring it up” I say clicking a button and I see a sophisticated app with a Capital E. Grey blues and navy’s are added in as the color scheme. “That’s perfect have Team B send it over to Echo asap and then have their assistant email me their thoughts. Don’t forget the instruction manual this time. I don’t want that to happen again. Remember people I pay you to do your jobs correctly not forget something you do everyday. Alright Nicole bring up Lilly Thomas’s Movie Premiere dress.” I say sitting in my chair finally looking through some new orders and looking at Lilly’s dress” a stunning navy gown I had drawn in my living room had caught Lilly’s eye when she was over with Dare and Gage. She had asked who it was for and I said it was just a sketch. She asked if I’d make it for her and I said yes. The stunning shimmery navy gown was inspired by Anastasia’s from the Disney movie Anastasia.

“Let’s take the train in a little, let it reach about a half to a full inch behind her, right now its so long the other celebrities walking will walk on it and she will either hurt herself or rip the dress and that’s something we all don’t want. Let’s also add some faux diamonds in between the side seam and the princess seam on the bottom right corner. So it lands just above the waist line on the right side of the bodice. Dex can you bring up a digital image to see what it looks like?” I ask and he nods

“Of course” he says and brings up the digital image of the dress we made before actually making it.

“Let’s do the diamonds in the form of a lily, it’s a trade mark a dress from SSD made specifically for her. Alright that looks good send that down to clothing design please.” I ask and he nods.

“Right, lastly. I have a couple of announcements and then you all are free to get back to work. I know this meeting ran long I just wanted to make sure we have everything in order, we have a lot launching within the next 3 weeks plus a lot of changes so I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. I also want a company wide email sent with the following announcements Ann” I say to my amazing secretary who smiles at me and starts typing.

“Firstly, the spring line is launching early, within the next 2 weeks if not sooner if I can get everything in order. Secondly, the app designs are being launched next week and this Friday. Thirdly, I am starting a second building or branch whatever you want to call it. I am looking for management positions if you are interested email Mike he is the hiring manager for that building.

It’s actually down the street from us so its not very far from the current office. Melanie Snyder is going to be President of this branch, of course she’ll come to me for final design approval but other than that every design choice will but up to her and her team. I have a couple people from management moving buildings which means I have openings here, contact Shelly she is the new hiring manager here since Melanie is jumping ship.

And lastly, tomorrow or some time within the next 2 days our mystery investor is coming in to meet me as he will be my new Melanie amongst other jobs. I expect you to make him feel welcome, no flirting is allowed. If I catch anyone flirting with him you will be fired, if I have said it once I will say it again. It does not matter how attractive or rich he is.

You are not to flirt with fellow employees and if you are fired you won’t be allowed back here to continue to flirt with him. I had to fire 3 interns for flirting with coworkers the same goes for men. I want you to treat him with as much respect you give Melanie. Okay, that’s all for this meeting I was potential orders moved to the interns for processing and I am handing over leadership to Mel for the rest of the day as I have a commitment. I will see you all tomorrow.” I finish out the meeting gathering my stuff and heading out.

Walking out of the building putting on my creme jacket my phone starts to ring. “Hey what’s up?” I ask getting into my car.

“WHAT’S UP? WHAT’S UP? MY HUSBAND IS WHAT’S UP HE BOUGHT THE WRONG DAMN ICE CREAM. How hard is it to find coffee ice cream it’s literally the easiest you know why?” she asks pausing at first I think she expects me to answer but as I open my mouth she shouts. “ITS ON THE TOP OF THE DAMN CARTIN!” I try to hold back the snicker that comes up but it doesn’t work.

“OPHELIA MARIE IT IS NOT FUNNY!” she says and I park in the familiar drive way of our apartment. Even though I have enough to move I am happy with where I am. Dare and I have so many hilarious memories in this place, I am not leaving anytime soon. Plus since she moved in with Gage the place has been empty.

“Looks like someone is moving into the building, the only one open is the one just to the right of ours so it looks like I’m getting a new neighbor. I hope he’s not as loud as that Doug guy was, man that guy was nuts. Are you and Gage coming to the dinner? my mom apparently invited an old friend of hers and his son she wants me to meet. He also has a sister she said we would like. Please I needs my wing woman even if she’s married and pregnant” I whine poking out my bottom lip even though she can’t see me.

“Yeah your mom called me 3 times this morning about it. I love your mom” she said and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. One sec” I say covering the speaker on my phone with my hand. I stand behind the movers moving boxes inside the apartment I shout. “WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!” I wait for a response but when I don’t hear one I continue into my apartment. “Alright, I’m gonna get off here I gotta feed Hades and Poseidon” I say looking for my dogs.

“Okay, see you tomorrow” she says and I smile

“Okay, bye” I say and hang up. “Hades. Poseidon. Chow time!” I yell waiting for my puppies to show up. Nails clacking against the hard wood echos through out the apartment.

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