The Alpha and His Rogue Mate

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Hazel is a rogue that ended up on someone's territory. Finding out that the alpha is her mate. And someone isn't happy. Read to find out what happenes.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Encounter

I was running through the forest, running from the hounds. They were chasing after me for food. In the roguelands we had to survive. Even if it meant killing others for food. I was running, but suddenly the hounds stopped. I looked back and saw they did not come closer. They turned around and ran away. I then realized I was on someone's territory. I heard running towards me. I looked and some 3 wolves coming. I quickly tried to run back into the roguelands, but they were fast enough to catch me. One tackled me to the ground. I shifted back into my human form, and passed out.
??? POV
I tackled the female wolf to the ground and she shifted back then passed out. I mindlinked the alpha. Alpha. The wolf was female. She passed out. After a few seconds i got a response. Bring her to the prison.

Your POV
I woke up and looked around. I saw I was in a cell, one of my hands were chained to the wall. Then saw someone sitting outside of the cell. He looked up at me with intense eyes. He got up and walked to the cell door. "Who are you and why did you come on my land." He said coldly. I got nervous. "My name is Hazel. I was running from the hounds and I did not mean to run onto your land." I said. He looked at me. His face was unreadable. He suddenly just walked out. I was left alone, other then some other wolves. I can't believe I was going to spend my birthday in a cell. My 18th birthday was tomorrow. Maybe if I could try and sleep it would be better.
The sun was just rising up and I did not sleep at all. The floor was to uncomfortable. It was too cold. I was 18 now. I suddenly smelt a Vanilla-Ladenver scent. It was getting stronger every second. *Mate* My wolf said. I widen my eyes and looked around. I could not tell where it was coming from. I saw the same guy as yesterday came in with a tray of food. He slid it under the cell door, and sat on the chair.
He was my mate! The man in front of me was my mate and the ALPHA! I slowly went to the tray of food and started eating some. I was taking glances at him. The man got a call and answered it walking out. I was sad he was gone. His scent slowly fading. Another man walked in. "Hello, I am Liam. Alex's Beta. You are?" I looked at him. Alex was his name. "Hazel. I am a rogue." He studied me for a while. I looked down and backed away. He suddenly opened the door and came to me unlocked the chain on my hand. "Follow me" I nodded. We walked out and saw that the place was really nice. People was staring at me weirdly. I kept my head down following Liam. He opened a door and told me to go in. Once I got he closed the door. I looked up and saw the Alpha. The scent was back. He looked at me. "Take a seat." He said while motioning me to a chair. I slowly walked over to it and sat down. I looked at my hands. He got up and kneeled down in front of me, grabbed my chin and lifted my face. The sparks went through my body. He leaned forward and kissed my nose. He rested his forehead on mine. "I am Alex." He smiled. I smiled back. "I can't believe I found my mate." He said while his hand went to mine, holding it. Suddenly the door open revealing some girl. The came and hugged Alex. "Hi Alpha. Who's She?" She asked glaring at me. She clung onto his arm. I was really confused and angry. "She is the futured Luna." He said. The girl look shocked then glared at me. "Oh really. Nice to meet you i'm Mia." She gave me a fake smile. I gave her a little smile. She said bye to Alex and left. Alex looked at me. "I have a meeting to go to. You can explore town. One of my bodyguards will be with you." I nodded he kissed my forehead and left. His bodyguard came in and smiled at me. "Good Morning Luna." He said. Luna. I was going to be a Luna. I smiled at him. "Good Morning." I walked out and explored town. I saw Mia and she saw me. She came to me. "Hey girl! Wanna go to the cafe." I slowly nodded. She grabbed my hand and walked me there. The bodyguard followed us. We went in and order. The bodyguard stood at the door watching us. Mia glared at me. "You better stay away MY Alpha Bitch unless you want something bad to happen to you." She said. I slowly got up and paid for my drink and left with the bodyguard. I went back to where we were before. I sat inside on the couch instead and waited for Alex to come back.
It has been an hour and he still has not came back so I decided to go into the bathroom that was connected to the office. I went in and it was big. I looked at myself through the mirror. I didn't like the way I looked. I was chubby, scars all over my body. I looked around. I didn't know how to use any of this. In the roguelands there was none of this. We lived outside in the forest. Got water from the river. Slept where ever we could. I had a little hut I built. But that was all gone. I did not have any clothes to wear. I was abandoned at birth, and grew up in the roguelands with this woman who found me. I lived with her until we got attacked and she was killed. I lived on my own since then.
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