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I don't remember much of that lifetime. I remember always staying in the shadows. I remember that he found me. I remember crying as I killed him. He had taught me everything. And screaming in rage as I took her head.

Romance / Fantasy
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I don’t remember much of that lifetime. Just the early moments with my family. My sister and I were born hours apart, and we couldn’t be more opposite to each other. But we always got along, taking each others side no matter what stance it was.

I remember always staying in the shadows while my Solaria played in the sun with our younger brother Clarion. His twin, Faileas, often sat beside me, both of us adverse to the light. Just like Solaria and I, they were rarely separate.

I also remember the day everything changed for us. My parents had named me heir instead of our elder sister Althea. They said she was too unstable and chaotic to rule the people. Her twin Caredig, being too soft compared to me who had been raised on battlefields. Caredig didn’t mind either way. He never wanted to rule, he often told me that he wouldn’t be able to help those in pain without being in pain himself. Althea was the opposite. She enjoyed seeing people in pain, so much that our father couldn’t take her to the training grounds because she would grievously injure the soldiers there.

I remember that much. And I sometimes remember that he existed. Not his name, or what he looked like, or sounded like, or even what he said to me. I just remember him.

I remember that he found me. I remember that he loved me and that we were happy. I even remember the day it ended.

Althea had been looking for a way to get back at me. Seeing this opportunity just made it all the better, I suppose. I remember the curse, the cries of my people, and the fire.

I remember crying as I met him, and as we fought for the first time against each other.

He had taught me everything.

I remember crying as I killed him, the feeling of my knife going through his heart as the curse faded from his eyes. Eyes, I no longer know the color of.

And screaming in rage as I took her head.

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