Does love truly exist

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Does Love truly even exist

Love, a word to describe a feeling of compassion for someone you care about deeply. Something you see in newlyweds and in couples who have been dating for years, but when it comes to someone loving me, love doesn't exist. My name is Allison keery, and I am the most unloved person in the world.

I am a sophomore in Michigan high school, I have never had a serious relationship and hope I never do. I have been raised by two sets of parents since the 8th grade and it's safe to say they've moved on. My father moved to a new neighborhood with my stepmother cheryl and her two kids Max and Jason who have transferred to my high school. Max is a junior and a major player. Jason is my age and probably the best basketball player I've ever seen, and has every girls attention, except for me and my friends obviously.

My mother on the other hand has moved down the street from my school. She has a really nice boyfriend named Tom who I call dad all the time because I wish he was my real father. All my biological dad's photos have either been thrown out or burned by my mother (A little excessive). My mom has been taking care of my older sisters Carly, Stacey, and Kayleigh ever since my parent's divorce. They chose to live with mom over dad.

Honestly I dont know who I would pick to live with. I love my dad, I love cheryl, and I love the feeling of having two brothers who are there for me and joke around but my mom and Tom are AWESOME! They live their lives like it's the end every day. Though they are mostly taking trips together we all still have the best time. My dad is great and all but he lives so far away from school and from my friends.

My sisters are basically my guardians. Literally and figuratively. They say that they have to meet all the boys I hang with so they know I have loyal friends. One time Kayleigh looked at my friend and said he was not loyal and she was right. They also raise me while Tom and mom are away.

Carly is a junior and the sweetest person ever, she is always there when I am sad, and most likely to become a motivational speaker and have boys lining up at her doorway.

Stacey is a senior, and the 'popular girl' of Michigan high school. She is very protective during the day and humble at night. She is also very smart and is definitely going to be an honor student.

Then there's Kayleigh, the oldest. Female player but very nice. She has had to many heart breaks to count. Sadly Carly and I had to bail her out of jail because she started a bar fight and was to drunk to drive but she did it anyway. This happened for 2 of those heart breaks.

So you may be wondering why I said I was the most unloved person on earth...well here's the thing, my friends said that love lasts forever but if that was true then I wouldn't have had two birthdays, two Christmases, two Easters and two everything's for 3 years. You may be thinking well they love me, well if they did they would have stayed together until graduation.

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