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Story is not proofread and I am slowly editing the chapters..Please ignore all errors. It's a story of a girl whose life changed in a second because of unexpected reasons. As there is no reply from him I raised my eyes to see his.He was watching me with intent and slowly his lips curled up forming a satisfying smile.He slowly moved towards me which increased my heart beat and held my hands into his. "Your voice.." He said still staring deeply into my eyes. I gave a question mark expression and he continued "I have heard your voice for the first time in all these days and it's too sweet." He told and laughed intently. "Don't worry princess . Try to enjoy your life. don't hold back yourself. He told and left my hands and before turning back he caressed my hair with his hand with a nod and left to my dad. "Princess" --. This is what my dad calls me and it felt good for some reason when he called me the same.And yes these are my first words since the day I came from college and found all this surprise. Updates one chapter on Tuesday and Friday. Forgive me for any mistakes Please read my second book It's hard to forget and let me know your views on that as well.

Romance / Drama
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