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Luca, always wanted something everyone else seemed to get... True love. But that doesn't seem to be the case for Luca. Everytime they just want to use Luca for his body. And he was tired of it. Luca one day gets drunk at a party, and he ended up hung over in another's bed. Did he have sex with someone? So many questions was running through his mind... But they were all about to be answered when that door opened... {LGBTQ+ dont like dont read} {I dont support anything illegal/wrong in this book, ex. rape}

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Authors Note


This is Dabi_In_My_Pants! I just want you too know I don't support anything illegal like rape, or molestation.

This story can contain mature, and triggering content. Don't read if triggered easily {or you feel like your going to be triggered regardless}

This story is LGBTQ+ and a boy's love romance. {If your just here to be homophobic I shall not allow}

Luca suffers from disorders such had depression, PTSD, anxiety and insomnia.

Please read and enjoy the book uwu
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