Far From Love

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Ever thought about how complicated love can be. how you keep trying and trying to not fall in love with someone you know you'd be broken but still, the damned cupid decides to strike you out of all the people he can? yes I absolutely know how that feels. but things are surely not gonna be easy for Wanda Everly Anthem as she falls in love with Flynn Jasper, a man who seems too intangible to be real, yet so so vivid of a reality to be fake. In the midst of all of this, what she seems to unnotice was the fact that her very boss , Fidelio Fonzo Florez and obviously a billionaire, plus a friend who has been taking care of her from so long she can't imagine being without that care, falls for her. So now she has absolutely no clue about what to do. Go for someone she loved deeply, or someone who loved her deeply. I promise it will be worth your precious time. plus I am hoping to make this book a trilogy or a duo at least.

Wania Ejaz Abbasi
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Chapter 1

First things first:

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I will not be tolerating it if any material from this book is found anywhere under another author’s name. I have spent a lot of time, sweat and tears on this story and will not hesitate to take an action against the culprit and consequences may not be pleasant enough to hear. I hope I have not scared you all off. Well on that note, Let the journey begin!

This journey started on: 26th August 2019

This journey ended on: 14th February 2020

Let’s take a sneak peak!

“I am so sorry Del....so so sorry. I kept on loving someone else...knowing that you loved me deeply. I was blind...I am such a fucked up person to reject you when it was indeed you who my soul belonged to. I am so so sorry for saying all that shit. I was out of my damn mind Del, i am so so sorry.” She wept. She was so dumb...to think that her love for someone was the reason of her due survival. “Its okay Wins...its okay...I understand it all. I understand you, okay? I am not regretting any of it. You don’t either, please. It was all meant to happen and it did. I do not hold any grudge in my heart. Everything will be okay. I loved you then and I love you now. My love has never been reduced or anything. Nothing has changed Wins...nothing has changed and nothing ever will. Please. Don’t cry honey, Don’t cry.”

So now like a good ol’ narrator I would have to explain what was going on. People have their own minds, their own hearts and their very own soul. They have the right to make the choice for themselves, even if those choices may later prove to be bad or good but they do have every right. Right? so when Wanda falls for Flynn...what is keeping her away? is it the same fear. The fear that she might be turned down? that her love might be made fun of? whatever the situation, Fidelio surely does not want Wanda to suffer through it. That is why he wanna keep her safe, her heart and her soul safe in his own caring hands. But will Wanda ever choose her safety over her love?

It is said that love can conquer everything. It is crafted by nature for this very purpose, isn’t it? Love can never lose....never die, but what’s ironic? feelings and hope to carry on do lose... they die at the time when u need them the most. The same happened with Wanda Everly Anthem, a 21 year old woman who holds an English literature degree loses her hope. She had been a teen with anxiety and depression as her partners. But as she grew up so did the problems. Fights were frequent and more frequent were the insults by her parents who thought she was spending way too much time being lazy and unproductive when Mrs. Gold’s son Robert has even started earning the cash. Little did they know that he used to sell cannabis to his classmates and random strangers he met in the downtown where crime was common. And that’s the worst...not being understood by the ones you thought who understand you the most. As the obvious result, depression cornered her and Anxiety threatened her...while self harm...haha....made itself look like the only option she had.

Its funny how her best friend Sienna Rose, with her love and lots of encouraging and hope, even kept her living this long...but when Wanda’s previously good friend and the person she fell way to deeply in love with, Azariah Hadrian Ilija’s behavior changed so abruptly that he starts ignoring her and frequently objecting whatever she says and does even if it’s the right thing. She knows there’s something just not right. Just as she is , an I-am-observing-every-move-you-take kind of girl, she finally finds out what was up. Two girls named Anne Alan and Amelia Asher talked shit about her to Azariah. But Wanda left it like it was. He wanna believe everything he hears? he should go straight ahead, He’s welcome to do so. But why couldn’t she hate him? Why couldn’t she do to him what he did to her? ending things when they had just been started...Well this was one of the reasons amongst other reasons, she felt she lost all control of herself, which made her fraternity for death rise more...

While on the other hand, there are 2 totally different Men. One being the person she fell in love with...the other being who loved her deeply.

Fidelio Fonzo Florez, A famous Spanish billionaire who Wanda is serving as a secretary, ends up falling for her. It wasn’t abrupt. Wasn’t sudden. Fidelio was never a man of spontaneous actions, and so he had fallen in love slowly. If i may, add the phrase from John Green’s famous book ″The fault in our stars″. He fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly then all at once. He did have a dangerous aura, but how unjust it is that he was the person who would lay his own life for your protection. It was him who took care of her during the time when she was beaten and thrown several times out of the house in the darkness of the night. It was him. Always him.

And then there’s Flynn Jasper. The man I cannot describe in no words. It is not he was somewhat extraordinaire, Yet he indeed WAS somewhat rare. He was not someone who one might look at and say ″Oh i am attracted!″ I mean they would definitely be MORE than attracted, But he was someone you would look at and say ″There is something about him that makes it a duty upon me to study his each and every feature″. He would make you think about the world with no sins, the beauty of God’s creations, the sweetness in a spoonful of raw honey even though it stings your senses, the happiness in a child’s smile when he gets to know they are getting a puppy, he was that excitement in an otaku’s eyes after watching another beautiful anime series, the fragrance in the air all around after the rain had poured, and oh, the feeling you have when you meet someone and realize that yeah, it is him and it will always be him.

This is a story about all the tragedies, all the outcomes and all the things that happens when you realize that you should have done anything but never should have fell in love...Especially with people you knew you couldn’t get.

However, don’t they say that love always finds a way? so will it this time too?…

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