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Far From Love

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Chapter 1: The Jaspers

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Triing Triiiing!....Triing Triiiing! The morning alarm cheered. Warm July breezes were blowing from the blue glass window which encircled the rectangular room and made the temperature rise to 32 degrees. Half of the cotton bedsheet was off of the bed onto the gray marbled floor. A cushion came flying and landed on Flynn’s butt. The sheets were shuffled off and fought with. Grunting noises followed next.

″Ugh! mom why would you do that every single time?″ he groaned.

″Because its already 9 and if you don’t go to the hospital by 10 I am pretty sure you are going to lose your job. C’mon get up and go.″ With that another cushion went flying and hit him.

″Okay, okay I’m up!″He said raising his sleepy head out of the soft white pillow. His hair were like battleground where armies had fought and died like a legend. “hughghhh” he groaned as he stretched his impressively built arms and legs.

Through the fractional opening of the embroidered mesh curtain, the morning sunlight entered in the room and made checkered designs on the floor. The whole room glowed in the golden light as well as the taut and sinewy muscles of Flynn’s herculean back. He slowly arose from the bed and stepped onto the floor. The sunlight casted glittery shadows on the curves of his brawny chest and evident collar bones. His calf muscles being too noticeable. He turned his head to right and left before a yawn escaped his lips.

″Hello!″ he said.

″Ugh! Flynn you still sleep naked? I’ve told you a million times not to!″ She raised her frail hands to her eyes and covered them, then turned around, the red was spreading on her cheeks. Flynn walked gracefully towards her and gently held her squary shoulders , turned her around and used his right hand to lower his mother’s hands off of her eyes. ″What? can’t watch your handsome son without blushing huh?″ he laughed rather louder than his usual way. ″Stop it!″ Mrs. Ruby Jasper softly pulled the ear of her son and tapped his cheek.

Flynn ran a hand through his tousled chocolate-colored hair. He had naturally straight hair just like his mother, however the cocoa color of his hair came from his father who was a psychologist and retired from his job about 5 years ago. Mr. Aeron Jasper ,let me tell you , may have been retired but NOT tired! The whole Jasper family was very energetic. Mrs. Ruby was once a swimmer who won silver in a national level championship and you could spot her hanging around the pool teaching teens how to swim. Mr. Aeron, well , was very interested in tennis and won many tournaments in his youth years. He was the one who taught Flynn tennis and made him join team rehearsals too. While Mrs. Ruby was the one who introduced the deepest depths of water to him.

″Oh boy!″ Flynn said taking a quick glance on the clock, ″it’s 9:10 ,I have so less time! mom please get my breakfast ready and please take my clothes out and also can you plea...″ ″ calm down! calm down!″ His mother said putting a hand on his left shoulder, ″ I have done everything and now you can go have a good long bath because Flora had already called and told me about your first appointment and that is at about 11, so you don’t need to panic.″ she smiled one of her rare smiles for which Mr. Aeron had secretly fallen for. ″Oh mom thankyou !″ Flynn said with a cheeky grin as he hugged his mom before planting a kiss on her cheek.

″YOU!″ Mrs. Ruby scolded.

He ran straight to the bathroom. Mrs. Ruby took out a pair of pressed ochre pants and a black dress shirt from the white closet and put them on the sofa. His black shoes were already put out near the room’s door.


The chair made a high-pitched ″chiirrrkkk″ noise when Flynn dragged it back and sat down for breakfast. Mr. Aeron had already had a slice of brown bread with peanut butter and now was ready to devour the boiled egg. ″ Your father and I are going shopping today. Do you need anything dear?″ Mrs. Ruby asked while she poured coffee into three mugs. ″ umm....nothing right now but if I remember something I’ll give you a ring″. Flynn finished his breakfast, picked his bag and car keys and ran out of the front door. The giant grandfather clock showed 10:23.





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