Far From Love

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Chapter 2: Typical day at the hospital

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It was a typical Monday morning, lots of works, lots of running around and lots of tiredness. The weather was also a July weather, a little too hot. Flynn reached at the huge glass gates of the hospital at about 10:42.The hospital wasn’t near his home but yeah I am going to praise his fast-n-furious kind of driving. The sun was already up and glowing glitters on the glass when he entered the hospital.

″Hey john! Hey Flora!″ he said in his usual greeting manner which was passing by his friends at work without looking at them and gamboling straight to his office. He had this weird but cute habit of bouncing around rather than walking. I mean you could just walk down the street like a normal person but no, this was Flynn Jasper and yeah he loved bouncing like a bunny with his randomly bouncy hair going everywhere. I guess I didn’t mention the fact that Flora was a receptionist and a old friend of Flynn’s thus she knew and kept in check all of his appointments.

″No john here, just me.″ she said looking upwards at her bestfriend.

Flynn stopped in his tracks and flipped around. No john spotted. He walked over at the desk and asked″Why? where is he?″

″He’s ill, took a day off. I called him yesterday.″ Flora replied.

″Oh poor guy! did you get to see him?″

″No, but I was wondering if you were free to come with me tonight. I am going at his house to inquire about his health.″

″I don’t know but I will try my best to come. I can text you right?″

″sure, anytime!″ she replied with a smile.

And with that he went on the way back to his office.

Okay! Fact time: Flora had a huge crush on Flynn(duh? who didn’t?) but she made enough effort to not show it by always being serious. Sadly, Flynn wasn’t the make-love-to-women type of guy. He believed in true love nevertheless, heck! he was an emotional person and a romantic. But it is true he never got anyone to romanticize to. That’s the reason he was still single, even though he was one of those tall, dark and handsome kind of guys who has been given millions of modelling offers for fashion magazines which he always refused by stating he isn’t the type. Like, Shut Up bitch we’ll talk about types later!

The keys clanked and the door to the office was opened. The office was warmer than outside and Flynn had to switch on the AC. The cool air hit his face making his eyes close and breathe in for a while and his hair strands flowed gracefully in the air. He went around the other side and took his seat and raised his left hand to look at the silver watch he got from a friend.

″10:56, first patient at 11:00, must get ready!″ with that he straightened his coat and cleared his desk of some of the crumbs of pepperoni pizza he ate yesterday.

″Shouldn’t have had eaten it here, everything’s a mess now!″ He searched for a room spray in his drawer and once he got his hold on the bottle, he sprayed the stuff and soon there was lavender smell everywhere. It wasn’t like he was a messy person, but yeah he wouldn’t might going childish every once in like every little while.

Knock! Knock! ″who’s there?″ ″umm....am I supposed to say a chicken?″ an irritated head peeked in.

″Are you Mr. Steven, the patient with acute stress disorders?″

″well yeah.″

″okay so what you need to do is come in, sit down and tell me about yourself!″ Flynn said with a chuckle which made his cheeks go fluffy on his newly shaven face while his eyes got tinier at the sides and motioned his hand to tell the man to take a seat.

″So...why are you stressed? I mean is there a problem emotionally or...″ he drifted off.

″My wife died. In a car accident.″ he spoke in a monotone.

Flynn coughed,″ Jeez man you too direct!″

″Okay I am sorry, no more wasting time on knock knock jokes and shock expressions. So I see that’s the reason for your illness. So now i may need to you answer me when i ask you some question″


″So now please relax. It is okay. I believe in you. It is okay. Calm yourself down. Breathe.″ Flynn grabbed his phone and called Stella, a nurse who knew how to handle patients who get really triggered while explaining their matters. Stella came rushing with an injection and gave it to Mr. Steven. He was quickly taken over by sleep.

″Thankyou Stella!″ he said.

″Your Welcome!″ she replied in her Irish accent.

″Yo Flora! Can you please call Mr. Steven’s family to take him home? he got really emotional and we gave a sleep injection so...″

″Sure″ she said.

″And oh! do I have another appointment for today?″ Flynn added.


″Great! Flora I am going out to the usual relaxing spot for some time. And then I will come with you to john’s house, sounds good?″

″Sounds great!″ was Flora’s answer.





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