Far From Love

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Chapter 3: Not so much a relaxing spot anymore!

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Flynn grabbed his car keys as he made his way out of the office. He had walked several steps when he remembered to lock his office. The hospital was less noisy now. Guess the effect of time eh? it was 3:00 pm, an official go-fill-your-stomachs-up time thus everyone was out enjoying food. Even Flora’s place was taken by another girl-Cassy or Caddy?, He didn’t remember exactly. As Flynn was passing the hospital he saw a family member of Mr. Steven putting him in the backseat of a old 90s black mustang and Flynn shouted out to them ″Hey! you! yes you! please make him rest and keep him busy in some activities! thankyou!″

″Thankyou too!″ the guy said.

The engine roared when Flynn swung his keys into ignition. The whole car shook and he let out a little moan, ″ Oh C’mon! you ain’t that old. You are 2016 Mercedes! besides I got you fixed and painted black just a year ago... ... okay that’s a lot of time, I’ll take you to YOUR doctor. But can we please go to the pier first and have something to eat? My gastric juices are churning up my stomach linings!″ With that he drove off onto the busy street and submerged into the pouring traffic. That was one thing about him: He had the weirdest habit of talking to himself and also to objects. Everyday as he would be leaving for hospital he would say a ‘hi’ to the little deer in his front lawn. I know! I know! that’s stupid but... Dear sweet readers let me remind you that this is the one and only FLYNN JASPER. And yes, he was stupid. A really smart stupid. If there is even a thing like that.

″Hmmmmmm!″ Flynn took a long breath which filled his chest with salty air. Stretching his arms and legs as he got out of the car, he looked around and took in the scenery. Golden bright sun with Deep blue waves with silverish outlines washing against the creme colored sand of the beach. Several colorful mats and umbrellas filled the landscape. He took off his shoes and socks, put them in the car, and took out the black flip flops from the trunk( which he specially kept for beaches), locked the car and began walking out in the sand. His feet made their modest prints in the sand as it squished under them. Many heads turned to look at him. Most of which were women...even some 16 year old girls. A teen with a purple onepiece let out a little whistle. ″Huh uh!″ Flynn shook his head ″Not here too″ he was too tired of this. He knew he was good-looking... Okay extremely handsome but why would they act like they haven’t seen any handsome man ever in their lives? That was pointless. When he passed the same girl who had been whistling, he patted her on the head and said, ″Shush kid, you too young!″ and handed her a lollipop from his pocket which was given by a child at the hospital.

Nevermind, He turned his attention to the humongous teal sea that awaited him. He jog-walked towards the ocean and if he was some 6 year old kid who has seen the ocean first time, with eyes as wide as the sun itself. Speaking of sun, I should tell you all that it was a pretty warm day and Flynn was already feeling hot. He decided to go to his favorite little spot near the famous Malibu pier by the rocks. It was just some collection of boulders of various sizes and one rock that was way too far in the sea and a little way bigger than any other rocks. You could die if you fell from it. But Flynn’s favorite spot was on that rock , sitting down on it, he could see the whole mesmerizingly dangerous sea beyond his pupils. However, your best spot ain’t best until you have your food with you right? so while going towards it, Flynn decided to grab a burger and a drink from a restaurant on the beach.

As he was just starting the dirt way leading to the rocks he saw a figure there. Squinting to see clearly , he began striding faster. As he goes closer he realized it was a girl ″hawww!″ He exclaimed. ″No one takes my favorite place!″ he pursed his lips and balled his hands into fists while he zapped towards the girl. He was about a mile away from her when he unconsciously began noticing her personality. She was short-about 5′2 or something with an hourglass body. She was a brunette with very very long hair, like going down her butt.

Her dressing was quite nice: a pair of black jeans with a loose, black crop top that had straps instead of sleeves. Not the kind of dress one would wear to the beach but once he looked down at himself, he realized black shirt and ochre pants aren’t beach clothes either. He hasn’t stopped walking when he saw her moving dangerously close to the edge, and she was wearing black block heels that were a bit too tall for climbing a rock.

″How’d she get that high in those heels? And she is too close to the edge as well. Maybe she’s new here, looks like she doesn’t know how many deaths have taken place here.″ Flynn thought to himself. Just as he was about to shout a ‘hello’ her way she opened her arms wide as if to hug someone. Then she let her whole weight fall forward, towards the great green ocean and it took Flynn a moment to perceive what was happening.

A Suicide...





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