Far From Love

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Chapter 4: The Suicide

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Fortunately Flynn hadn’t stopped walking even for a single second and he was behind that girl in a second or two. The girl was still falling, she was at the angle of about 60 degrees from the surface of the rock when Flynn grabbed both her arms from behind and suddenly jerked her back. They both fell backwards down the pile of rocks and Flynn was wounded because he was beneath the girl, a sharp stone cut his left temple an inch open, pain gashed through his brain. When they landed in the sand at the foot of the boulders, the girl tried to get up but was no match for his speed. He quickly got up and used both his hands to pin the girl to the sand. She squirmed like a worm, punched and kicked one of which landed into Flynn’s right kidney. Stars swam around his eyes. Boy this girl could kick! A very brutal kind of kick. He has had enough! So he raised the wiggling girl some inches from the ground and shoved her back into it, a bit too hard. The girl’s brown hair fell away from her face revealing her cinnamon brown, wide, red, dazed eyes which met Flynn’s angry and confused ones. A tear ran down the outer lining of her small button nose. The dark circles under her eyes were stained from her ruined mascara. She had been crying badly...very badly.

Her face was oval and she had a slight dimple on her left cheek. Her jawline being evident. A tiny mole could be seen on the left above her lips and one was on her right cheekbone. She had bushy, untidy eyebrows and her lipstick was smudged to the left. Flynn’s hands began trembling once he saw her condition. He had never seen someone so...so...so...uhh! He couldn’t even find a word. His grip around her bare arms loosened and he backed away a bit staring at her up and down, still feeling the coolness from her skin. She sat up straight, dragged herself away from him and used the back of her dominant hand(right) to wipe the gliding tear away from her nose.

″Uh...I...y...d...″ Flynn stuttered. He was struggling hard to form the words. At last he did.

″Do you know what you were about to do?″ He asked her raising both of his eyebrows.

″Hmm...″ she nodded.

″Are you even in your right mind! You!.... uh! you could have died!″ Flynn boomed. He wasn’t comfortable talking to someone in this manner but he couldn’t help it.

″ I know″ she answered quietly. Flynn sighed. He knew he couldn’t get her to speak up if he kept on being rude to her. She was probably already in a very bad situation.

″what’s your name?″ he asked.

″Wanda″ she replied.

″Look Wanda, I am sorry I shouted on you but...I have a question, why would you suicide?″ He asked.

She looked, for the first time at his face. ″Reasons...you wouldn’t understand. No one does. Its almost evening, you should get going now. After all, you do look like a busy man. Why waste your time on me?″ she spread a weak smile on her face and Flynn knew it was a fake one right away.

″What would you do after I go?″ He knew the answer, he asked it anyways.

″Huh!″ She sighed, ″ Don’t you know the answer already?″ Flynn was taken aback by this mono-toned behavior of hers. How could she be in such a worse condition and still don’t want no help? And most of all, She said it all while smiling, even though it was a fake one, but still...

″Well then I would love to know your address miss.″ Flynn said taking a formal tone.

″huh?″ she was confused.

″I want to drop you safely to your house. I am sorry Miss Wanda but as being a doctor I can not let you suicide. Please tell me your address.″ Flynn sounded like he was dealing with a patient.

″You can not give me orders.″ she glared at him. He looked down and rubbed his hands together. Then he came nearer to her and held her hand gently. He looked deeply into her brown eyes and said:

″I am not giving you orders, I have absolutely no right to do so. I am in fact, requesting you. Please do not try to suicide ever again. It’s not the solution.″

Wanda stared at him before responding with ″ Johnson street, block 4, street 6″ Flynn smiled and got up. He offered his hand to Wanda. She took it and got up on her feet.

″Thankyou!″ she whispered. Flynn smiled his widest ones which made his cheeks go puffy.

They walked towards Flynn’s car when he got a call from Flora.

″Yo Flynn! you said you’ll meet at John’s house at 7 pm. You ain’t here yet. Where are you?″

″Umm...Lorie actually I can’t come today...sorry to you both. I got in a... situation. I’ll come tomorrow, promise!″ Flynn replied.

″ Okay.″ Flora replied and hung up.

″Hmm...go to your girlfriend. I can get to my house.″ Wanda said.

″ What ?NO! I am single! she’s my friend!″ Flynn panicked. “I can drop you certainly”


Wanda looked at Flynn while he drove and she was wiping off her smudged and destroyed makeup.

“She was seriously not my girlfriend.” Flynn said after some dead silence.

″Chill Bro! why so tense? ″ she chuckled. Flynn looked at this woman with amazement. He couldn’t believe this was the same person he just met some minutes ago. She looked so much more pretty without that smudgy face and fake smiles.

“You know what Wanda? I think you should keep smiling. Not the fake ones. The heartful ones, You look so beautiful when you do so.″

″Thanks″ she replied. The sun was merging into deep purples and blazing oranges behind them.

They reached Wanda’s house at about 8:30 pm and as she was getting out of the car Flynn said a loud ″Take care! And don’t die!″

Wanda turned and said″ You too...and thankyou!″ with that both went to living their own lives. Flynn, his normal psychiatrist life and Wanda...well what was there to live for?


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