The Girl Next Door

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Divine Lyric, a girl who drowns herself in her school work and dance to avoid the very thing Jade Ryder is... A playgirl. Things change when they seem to can't get rid of each other. I mean how hard is it to get rid of your neighbor who is everywhere you go and everywhere you look? Very hard it seems.

Romance / Drama
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The Neighbors

There are many ways I could start this story off. I could just start it all off from that day in the dance studio, or maybe the soccer field is a better start, then again there’s that one party, But I guess the last day of summer will have to do. My name is Divine Lyric I’m 5’4 and my mother always says I look like a young, short Vanessa Ferlito only “prettier” with my long thick caramel hair and emerald green eyes. Now that you have an idea of what I look like let’s start from the beginning.

I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm going off. I groan as I pull the blankets over my head and lay there for another ten minutes before I sluggishly start to get out of bed for my morning routine. As I get out of the shower and hear my phone buzzing, it’s my best friend Sabrina “hey what’s...” “hey get ready I’m picking you up in ten.”

Before I can even protest she hangs up. I roll my eyes and chuckle as I toss my phone on my bed, while I change into some high waisted ripped light blue jeans and a white tank top, basic I know but I think I look semi-cute.

As I wait for Sabrina I hear a bunch of commotion outside. I look out the window and see a moving truck parked next door. I guess we’re finally getting new neighbors. I hope they are nice, unlike our last neighbors. My thoughts were rudely interrupted as soon as my brother barges in my room. “Did you see the Smokin hot chick moving in next door next door?!” “RYAN! You scared the shit out of me! Don’t you know how to fucking knock?!”

Ryan is my twin playboy brother he wins all the girl’s hearts with his dark brown hair and piercing emerald green eyes and of course, he’s the star wide receiver of Liberty High’s football team. He laughs and continues “well did you see her or not?” “no, I was busy getting ready to go out with...” our conversation was cut short by the sound of Sabrina holding her horn. All my neighbors hate her because of it but she doesn’t care she will just continue to hold her horn even longer.

At the mall, everything is going great. I feel so stress-free at the moment. These past few weeks all I’ve been getting ready for is coming up with a routine for auditions for the new members of the dance team. Coach asked me and Sabrina to come up with a dance routine for the new dancers to follow for auditions on Tuesday. So being here with my best friend buying junk food and just vibing buying random things, just having fun is exactly what we both needed right now.

We were already starting to make our way out the mall back to the car when Sabrina stopped walking dead in her tracks. I look at her confused until she gave me a look that said it all. She started throwing all of her bags at my not caring if they fell or not and started running towards the bathroom laughing. I scramble to pick up all the bags and items and when I turn around I ran smack into a strong firm surface and fall straight on my ass. Embarrassing I know god I could be so stupidly clumsy at times and of course, now had to be one of those times.

When I open my eyes I see a pair of Dr.Martens with roses on them. As I slowly avert my gaze up I see tight ripped black jeans that did justice in all the right places. A white crop top showing off a belly piercing, long thick raven hair that fell down a badass black leather jacket. Then came these naturally red really plump lips to form in the shape of a heart, clear tan skin, a cute small round nose. I was scared to look but did anyways, I slowly make my way to see those beautiful silver eyes with naturally perfect arched eyebrows with a slit in the left brow.

I was such in a daze I didn’t even realize she was laughing at me revealing her perfect pearl white teeth. I start to feel the heat rise in my face and hear my heart pounding, I must look like the biggest idiot right now. I manage to scramble up to my feet trying to pick up everything but my hands suddenly don’t know how to work as I kept on dropping everything. She laughed more then kneeled down to help pick up the bags. When we both had our bags back the girl was about to say something but her eyes looked behind me and gave me a stupid but perfect smirk before saying “see you later loser." She was about to walk away but then came really close to my ear, I could feel her warm breath and it gave me goosebumps. What is she doing? I’m sure she can hear my heart racing. She then says “very, very soon”. She walks away laughing, leaving me dumbfounded. What did she mean by that? As she walks past Sabrina the girl winks at her. The wink totally caught Sabrina off guard and she came running towards me asking what the hell just happened. To be quite honest, I don’t even know what in the hell just happened.

“D WHO WAS THAT?! She was HOT! What did I miss?! Of course, I had to use the bathroom and the perfect time. Divine hello are you even listening to me?” I was pulled out of my trance when the retreating figure of the girl turned the corner.

On the way to the car, I told Sabrina what had happened. “Divine! Why didn’t you get her number?” “Sabby I’m not looking for a relationship right now I have a lot to worry about like gradation and dance” “Divine it’s senior year! It’s time to grab life by the ass...well preferably her ass because DAMN maybe even her boobs if she’ll let you.” “SABRINA!” I can’t believe she just said that out loud in public, but then again I can because it’s Sabrina we are talking about. She clearly doesn't care as she is laughing her ass off right now. “Anyways what I’m trying to say is I know you love the team, I do too but come on D you need to live life outside the team and school too. What happened with Lexi is not your fault.” Before I could strangle her for saying such a forbidden name she puts her finger over my lips and continues as I just glare at her contemplating If I should bite her finger or not. “Let me finish before you kill me at least. Like I was saying what happened between you and… what happened is not your fault D. You can’t just push everyone away because of one shitty stupid person who couldn’t see what they were losing.”

Bad girls, they’re easy to spot. They just got this look to them and that girl had that look, that look is exactly what I’m trying to stay away from. I get what she’s trying to say but after Lexi, I’ve just been pushing myself to focus on the team and school. Girls like Lexi and the girl in the mall are just bad news.

When I get home I lay in my bed and start reflecting on what Sabrina had said. She is right in a way but ill never admit that to her. I have been pushing everyone away over a piece of crap for years. Where’s she’s wrong though is I don’t even know this girl’s name or know who she even is. What I do know is she’s definitely someone I don't want to get to know. Why do I care though? I’ve never seen this girl before so I doubt I’ll see some random girl in a mall again.

Just then my mother comes in the room telling me to come downstairs to meet the new neighbors the Ryders. I lay in bed for a few minutes collecting my thoughts. Once I was okay enough to go downstairs I get up. What I saw or should I say who I saw made me wish I hadn’t come downstairs or even home. It was her the girl from the mall. I’m never going to hear the end of it now from Sabrina just thinking about it is giving me a headache. The girl has that stupid cocky smirk on her face again when her eyes landed on me and at that moment her words ran through my head. She must have read my mind because she snickered a bit then she reached her hand out to me “Jade, Jade Ryder.”

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