A Rose and a Thorn

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She's stubborn and he's possessive, how will it end? Sasha Hallows is 17, studying her final year at Brooklyn Girls' High and meets dominant and gorgeous Jayden Simmons, the one all the girls fantasise about.

Romance / Erotica
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CHAPTER 1: The Meetup

Sasha’s Perspective

The bell rang and everyone rushed out of class. I quickly walked to my locker, eager to get out of school. As I was packing my bag, I heard my friends coming up to me. Amelia was running, with Stacey close behind. Nothing new.

“Sasha! Oh my god. Oh my god, guess what!?” exclaimed Amelia. I replied with a monotone “What?“. They both looked like they just won the lottery. After some silence, Amelia squealed “Joseph and I are dating now!!!”

That was remarkably expected.

I rolled my eyes as she pulled me in for a hug, which made me giggle and I returned the hug as I replied, “I’m really happy for you Mils.” Stacey joined in on our hug. We stood there, embracing each other for what felt like an eternity.

Amelia was the first to break the silence, “Wait so do you guys wanna go for bubble tea, the five of us?”

Five? I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.

“Who is the fifth person?” I questioned.

Stacey quickly responded with a name I had never heard before... “Jayden Simmons”

I replied with “who?”

“Literally the alpha of his school. How have you never heard of him? Oh my god. He is the cutest, the hottest!” she exclaimed with astonishment.

Well, seeing as I go to an all girls’ school, I rarely see guys. We do have a brother school, but regardless, I don’t see why I need to know every guy that goes there.

“Yeah, well he’s not looking for a relationship, so don’t get your hopes up,” Amelia pointed out. Stacey frowned and began to reply to Amelia’s comment before I interrupted with “Okay, epic bubble tea time. Let’s go!” They both smiled and we made our way to Gong Cha.

As we walked in, I saw Joseph sitting at one of the cute tables. He called us over and Stacy and I sat down. Joseph stood up and gave Amelia a passionate kiss on the lips, causing Stacey to exclaim “PDA, eww!”

I chuckled as they both sat down and out of the corner of my eye, I could see this really, really cute guy with the most adorable hair I have ever seen. He turned around with five drinks in his hand and started walking towards us. That’s when I met his eyes. They were... beautiful. But had a stern, cold look in them. He placed the drinks on the table and greeted my friends, but for some reason didn’t pay any attention to me and took a seat next to Joseph, all while Stacey was silently squealing.

Who is this unnaturally handsome dickhead?


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