A Rose and a Thorn

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CHAPTER 2: Apathy

Jayden’s Perspective

I was in a pissy mood. I was looking forward to going home and crashing on my bed. My plans fell through when Joseph ‘promised’ 3 girls from our sister school that I would go out with them. Joseph was unnervingly happy today. Apparently he started dating one of those chicks.

I followed him around until we got to ‘Gong Cha.’ This was my first time having bubble tea and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit excited.

Joseph got a text from the girls asking us to order ahead because they would be a little bit late. He forced me to get the drinks because he wanted to greet his new girlfriend the second she got there.

As I was returning, I saw them. Joseph went straight in for a kiss with his girlfriend. I noticed Stacey, a girl that had approached me multiple times. I had ignored all of her attempts. There was a third girl that I couldn’t care less about.

Stacey ran at me, and gave me a huge hug. I hid my disdain and hugged Stacey back, while simultaneously waving at Joseph’s girlfriend.

While I was talking to Joseph and trying to avoid Stacey’s glaring eyes, I noticed in the corner of my eye, that the third girl had a frustrated look on her face.

She suddenly clenched her drink and swiftly stood up. She muttered that she had some class and walked out.

“Such disrespect”, I exclaimed.

She needed to be taught a lesson, and I would be her teacher.


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