Kryos Kingdom (Part one in Vasilias series)

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“I heard that they got a new king.” she whispered, scooting closer to me as if scared that people around us would hear her. “They say he is cold and ruthless." THIS IS ALL MY WORK, DO NOT PLAGIARISE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE -AMNA

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Chapter 1

“Do you really have to go all the way to Kryos kingdom?” Alice picked on her manicured nails.

“Come on Alice, It’s not that bad and besides, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I would get to see the amazing Kryos kingdom. Can you imagine that?” I sighed and fell down on my bed. This was a dream come true.

A few weeks ago, the education board had called me, telling me that I had gotten a teaching job in Kryos kingdom. One of the most diverse, heterogeneity kingdoms, that is formidable and utterly beautiful. They have the amazing state of the art technology and eye-catching scenery.

“Fine, but you better call me and tell me everything. If I could, I would have visited you.” She hugged me, squeezing the life out of me.

“I will call you every day.” I hugged her tighter. “I promise.”

“You bet, or I will personally come there and kill you.” She pulled away.

“You will have to go through so much paper work and then get tested for all kinds of diseases, and after all that, they will question you. So I don’t think it’s worth it.” I winked at her.

The process of travelling to Kryos kingdom was hectic and frustrating. I had been filling all sorts of paperwork, from my name, my age, to if I have had sex in the past year, or if I have any sort of Std.

I almost ripped my hair out in the process. They were too strict, but I understood, they had to protect their own people.

“You’re right, I won’t waste my time doing all that only to come kill you. You’re not worth it.” I mocked gasped and threw a pillow on her face.

I hauled the luggage into the car and closed the boot, sweat dribbled down my forehead in rivulets. Wiping it away with my hand, I looked at my house. The place where I spent my whole twenty two years.

“Got everything honey?” My dad asked as he stepped out of the house, in his usual cargo pants. I smiled at his sight and nodded.

“Yeah dad, I have got everything.”

“Brighbrook would not be the same without you.” he gave me a side hug. “I just wished your mom was here to witness this moment. She would be crying her eyes out at how much you have grown.”

I fingered the snowflake necklace my mom had given me for my tenth birthday. That was the last thing she gave me, before she died. It was a natural death, no pain, no suffering but her death was no easy feat.

“Let’s get in, you have a flight to catch.” I nodded and kept the necklace in my pocket.

The airport was crowded. Women, men and children scattered across the place. All of them headed to their respective kingdoms, there was the excitement buzz in the air that rubbed on me. I read the rules and regulations that were printed on every airport surface, the kingdom rules.

You see, our world was made by the basic four elements, water, earth, fire and air.

When chaos intervened centuries ago, the four kingdoms were made to put each and everyone in their place and given a sense of belonging, a home. That way there was no more war between the kingdoms, no more fighting to gain more power. And a council was erected to help those in need and guide the kingdoms.

There was a hierarchy in the kingdoms, the most powerful one had the power to control the elements in the way they wanted, then came the warriors that used the elements to fight against enemies, they had the power but it was limited, and lastly came the civilians that had no power to manipulate the elements. It was a well thought out plan, because if the power was thrusted to the wrong hands, many people could die.

Humans like us were scattered everywhere. We would live in small towns that were made by our ancestors or we would live in kingdoms. But to live in a kingdom, we would have to ask for permission from the king that ruled the place. They didn’t allow that many humans in their kingdoms in fear of us polluting their culture. Some of them allowed us because of work, like me. I was going to work in Kryos kingdom as a teacher.

“OK honey, make sure to call me and if there is any problem you know there’s always a place here for you.” My dad hugged me, as I cried like a baby in his arms. He has always been there for me, he was a mother and father to me. “I love you Lyla.”

“I love you too dad.”

My nerves were all over the place as I sat on my designated seat. A pregnant woman sat beside me with a novel in hand. I smiled at her, hoping that my nerves would calm down. This was a big step for a mere human like me. To settle down in a kingdom, it was exciting, yet terrifying.

“Where are you going?” the woman beside me asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Kryos kingdom.” Her eyes widened.

“I heard that they got a new king.” she whispered, scooting closer to me as if scared that people around us would hear her.

“Oh, I didn’t know.” I really had no idea that they had a new king. I didn’t follow the latest kingdom gossip.

“They say he is cold and ruthless,and he was a child born out of wedlock.” now it was my turn to widen my eyes. How much did this woman know about Kryos?

“Well that’s their problem, its not my concern.” I buckled up and waited for the flight to take off, my heart was palpitating at an alarming rate. I held the necklace in my sweaty palms, hoping for it to calm me down. I was never a fan of heights, the thought of just being suspended in mid-air inside a machine was scary enough to set me on the edge. I clutched the hand-rest with my other hand and prayed to whatever divinity that watched over us mere humans.

The plane ride went fairly smooth, just a few bumps on the way that made me almost piss my pants. We had now entered the Kryos atmosphere. It was already cold and I pulled the jumper Alice had graciously packed in my carry-on.

We had changed planes in another airport, the one that was headed directly to Kryos kingdom.

The beauty that beheld me was out of this world, it was like an icy wonderland, with buildings completely made of ice, the tall structures glinting in the morning light. A huge river, in the middle of the city flowed under artfully built bridges.

Huge statues stood erect, telling the breathtaking history of Kryos kingdom. There were so many people wandering around the area wearing the proud colors of Kryos, gold and white. My attention snapped to a good looking man.

“Welcome, you must be Lyla Wright.” a man in a impeccable white suit, draped in a soft gold coat greeted me. He had on a fatherly appearance that brought a smile on my face.

“Thank you, and you must be?”

“Please call me Devior.” he shaked my hand. “I am the personal butler of Sire. He personally sent me to welcome you properly.”

I nodded and was escorted out of the airport and into a really good looking car, the design sleek and stylish.

“We have prepared your house Miss and as a welcome gift, the Sire has gifted a few things that would help you with your stay in Kryos.”

“Please call me Lyla.” I hesitated a bit. “And I don’t want any kind of gifts Devior. I can’t accept them.”

He smiled, slightly surprised. “It would be insulting to our hospitality if you do not accept the gifts Lyla.”

I sighed and then nodded, “thank you.” I looked out the window, seeing so many people walking around, actually enjoying the cold air. Most of the young kids were making snowballs and snowmen. It was like Christmas everyday.

The car stopped in front of a small house that I had had my jaw dropping in sheer appreciation. The house stood away from the crowded civilization, pine trees scattered behind the house giving it a homey vibe. The house itself was built with hard ice, that was opaque. I was not expecting this when they said that they would provide accommodation.

“Its breathtaking.” I responded truthfully.

“We also dwell a bit in architecture.” Devior said proudly as we both gazed at the house.

“I hope the inside is warm, because I cannot survive immense cold. I am only human.” Devior laughed at my pout as he escorted me inside.

“Don’t worry Lyla, most people in Kryos also cannot survive cold weather, all buildings have underground heating systems.”

The Kryos kingdom has thought so much about their people, it really is an amazing place. I couldn’t wait to tell Alice.

“I will send a guide tomorrow to present the Kryos kingdom and our famous school Strixserra. Have a good day Lyla.” he bid me adieu and left the premises.

I sighed and entered the house. It was nothing like the outside. It felt warm and welcoming. The sudden heat wrapping around me like a cocoon.

The living room consisted of two long coaches that were placed facing the wall with a mounted television on it. A coffee table was placed in the middle with all sorts of knicks and knacks decorated on it. The other wall, filled with empty long shelves just waiting for someone to fill them with books. I was giddy at my new house.

I walked further inside, inspecting the other rooms, all together, there were two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a small storage facility.

The master bedroom wasn’t that huge, enough for someone living alone. The room had the white and gold theme going on, the walls a rich creamy white that contrasted well with the golden curtains and bed sheets. Soft lights were placed in the ceiling radiating a cool atmosphere.

The kitchen on the other hand was simple, with white granite counter-tops, and black appliances. The fridge was stocked with all sorts of foods that made my tummy growl.

I fell on the bed with a sigh, spreading my arms and enjoying the cool on my skin. My eyelids felt heavy as I pulled the comforter around me and yawned.

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