Opposite poles of magnet

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Opposite poles of magnet is meant to attack either by laws of physics or by reactions of chemistry but are they meant to be together forever against the force of life? Ramya and Shiva were opposite poles met in random matrimonial site with no hope to find a better half but then attraction happens. Will the attraction work or life adds its own twist to drift them away after all humans are known to break rules.

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When life gave her lemon she turned it into weapon blinding the enemies eyes by squeezing the pulp out in it. That is Ramya Thirtan for you all.

Now her main challenge was leading a top restuarnt in city unknown to her and find a man who could love her. Simple task she thought being an daughter of chairperson of leading hotels in south.

If only she knew the crook and corners of it. Challenges after challenges from not able to find well trained chef to finding a right guy.

And this was just for dating and two smallest restaurant of all branch of Tritan. What about the future challenges she had to face?

Being new to the field adding to it being an divorcee facing these trival challenges was no surprise. Struggling and striving is all she knows right now.

It was easy to be fooled sometimes though she made sure everything was crystal clear in papers. Papers and bonds accounts don't help to cook right? Especially to cook according to people tongue receptors.

And it was very difficult to find a guy who wanted a wife rather than a man who want her for her surname or for being mother or to cook and serve her in laws.

Life wasn't easy like she thought it would be after everything. After leaving her home determined to win the challenges on her own.

Here is when Shiva enters. Life need not give lemon because he feels his life itself is a lemon and he had failed to make a lemonade out of it.

Even then his head never lowered and he was determined to carry himself same way.

All he ever wanted was ask his parents and many others why would they abandoned him? Was he worthless? Let it be he didnt care though a part knew he would better place if he had them in life.

He learnt it hard way to live on his own yet the idea of sharing life with someone never died. That someone who could make his life better.

Matrimonial site was one of option he opted and even after three years he was still same infamous painter and failed interior designer with no one by his side.

He was just a guy with unsure career with no identify or family with whom their future wouldn't be financially stable that is all they saw in him not just girls he dated but also their family.

His hopes ended after having twenty to thirty unsuccessful dates. He thought he could at least succeed in career then something might change yet he still remained in same point not able to move further.

His only moving point was his cup of chai and ever increasing number smoke puff along with saturday night enjoying with friends and sundays teaching the kids.

Life was this simple after accepting the failure and living the life he got until her entry. Ramya and Shiva both were opposite poles met in random matrimonial site with no hope to find a better half but then attraction happens.

"Ramya Tritan They say I born with silver spoon and bossy attitude, Yes I am born to be head of Tritan's.

Known for being one of top hotels, restaurant and resorts in South and I pledge to earn the position with my blood sweat and tears

Though not a queen at it yet i will master them soon to rule what I own with pride even if it is meant to be learnt through hard way like life ones taught me to face up my challenges

Beware before challenging me to kill you because I take them serious and your next breath will be your last breath" this is Ramya

"Shiva Yes just Shiva without surname as I am orphan and an infamous painter who only earns for his own roof and his bread sorry to disappoint if I did

A man with few stories of betrayal loss and procrastination yet so full of himself and yes because I didn't need pity or sympathy

The family I was born to threw me away as I wasn't worthy and hope to find a family who will find me worthy was also broken

A world of friends, aesthetic life, brightening moments to think and smile and fulfillment of life is my only life plan though hoping the small blankness left for my family to filled by family stays within my heart" this is Shiva

Dad's princess meets an abandoned son.

Ramya who can draw anyone to rock bottom meets the Shiva who is already in rock bottom

Opposite poles of magnet is meant to attack either by laws of physics or by reactions of chemistry but are they meant to be together forever against the force of life?

Cover credits goes to @shabanasmiles

Thanks you for beautiful cover

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