Love to Drugs to Hate

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Alira Syller meets Jonathan Austin At a Party and they fell in Love with each other and start dating but it gets a disaster as the drugs starts getting into their lives and it goes from Love to Drugs to Hate

Romance / Adventure
Emmaly Camanity
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Alira meets Jonathan

So I meet Jonathan at a Party it was my best friend Sarah birthday party She Meet Jonathan because her sister and Jonathan's brother ,they studied at the same university and they were friends.

Sarah asked me to meet someone Than It was Jonathan OMG he is sooo cute I just fell in love woth him but he was anoying Jonathan said "hi how are you ?" I replied "good and you " than he asked me " how old are you" I said "12 and you " he said " 15" . Than we got to know each other a bit more Than. I learned that he was from Manchester and I was from London That means I wasent going to see him a lot .

And I learned that he was born here in Uk and he learned that I was born in Brazil.

I felt like I was on Cloud 9 at the point he couldnt stop thinking about him .

Than we spoke Again and he said he was coming to London I was so happy .

That happened aftet my birthday ,He came to London and he said he needed to tell me something really important .

Than he asked me out he Said " You are so beautifull you are the prettiest girl ever" and I said " Thanks and you are so Handsome " Than he asked me " Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I was speechless Than I said "yes I mean who wouldnt " Than he said " I knew it yes " Than he smilled That White teeth and big smile that I will always remember .

Than we started dating and I told my friends Mariely ,Phoebe and Sarah about it and the couldnt believe it I mean really he is the guy that everyone wants so who would believe it.

So after that It was a bit difficult so see him because Long distancing relationship its hard.

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