Bonding With Conditions

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“You can’t do this to Jace, Cohen! She loves you more than her life!” I stood up from the couch and made my way to the door. “She will hate you! Me! SHE WILL HATE ME COHEN!“, my grip on the knob tightens. “Maybe it’s okay for you to receive a hate from her.. but I can’t! SHE’S THE ONLY SOURCE OF LIFE I HAVE COHEN! She’s my best friend!” As I said this I saw tears rolling down his cheeks for the first time. More like he was hiding something, protesting something. “I hate you Cohen. Only if you had stopped.” ------- What happens when you find out a truth you never wanted to know! What happens when you love someone who should never have been yours. This story revolves around four people. Jacinda Myers and Willow Montez. Best friends, who love each other more than they love themselves. Cohen Adams and Micah Frenkel Best friends who are completely different like a jigsaw puzzle but fit perfectly for each other. What happens when one among the two best friends fall in love?! Will the other fall too? Is it destiny? Or so called 'FATE'? Will they remain best friends? A friendship story that makes you hate love. A love story, that makes you hate friendship. A story of sacrifices. A story to teach you, LIFE.

Romance / Adventure
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Sneak Peek


I shout, hoping the guy before me would stop walking any further.

“Isn’t that obvious?” He smirks.

I knew he was short tempered from the day I saw him with Cohen.

But DAMN! Who knew he would build up his revenge once he’s drunk.

I didn’t realize I reached the walls until I touch it with my hands that had my phone safe behind me.

He hates girls. I know that. The only girl he talk to is me and Jace. Well.. the difference is, there he’s nice, and here he shouts.

Nice isn’t the nice you think what nice is. For Mic, a poker face! That’s the nicest he can be to you.

Only because I lost his goddamn history notes he’s being this grumpy. He don’t even get monthly like I do. And even then he’s this grumpy.
Let’s have a 2 minute silence for those who would have to face him if he were a girl. Amen.

Upon that, he’s drunk. That ungrateful moron, or so called ′Cohen′ by normal people, had to take my only best friend on a date leaving me alone with a drunk monster.

It’s not like they’re not a couple. But come on. What kind of best friend says, “Wil! I love you more than him but I need to go with him now.”

Pfft.. girls

And the worse part? Mom just called. I didn’t want to deal with her right now so I didn’t answer it. Which I regret now.

And trust me.. I was so embarrassed when she left a voice mail shouting me to come back home.

And I know she’ll be here any minute. That’s what she always does.

This suite I’m in right now is mine and Jace’s. If you think I’m a billionaire or something, let me tell you I’m not rich.

The richies here are Jace and Mic.

Jace loves me a lot. She wanted a secret hideout, where only me, Pat, Sew and she would stay.

But unfortunately, a slip of tongue, mom knows.

Jace doesn’t know it yet. She think it’s only me, us, the moron boyfriend of her’s and his best-friend who knows this place.

It’s not that she’ll get mad if I tell her about mom knowing this place. It’s just that she won’t. She will just shrug it off and buy a new one for me alone.

It’s not that I’d mind. It’s just that, I don’t like her wasting her money on me.

But all she ever waste her money on is me.

“Wil! I know you’re in there. Come out.”

My eyes go wide on its own when I hear that voice.


“MIC! MOVE!” I whisper yell.

He smirks.

Holy mother of cupcake. This was his idea all along.

He knew mom is coming here no matter what. And he wanted her to see I’m with a guy now.

Me being an idiot thought he’s hovering over me for my phone.

But Micah being Micah, wasn’t even close to the letter ‘t’ of touch with me. Yet, he was too close.

If someone walk in right now, they’d see Mic’s back and it will obviously look like we’re having a couple moment.

I could push past him and escape, but two reasons.

Reason 1- He’s Micah Frenkel for god sake!! Who knows what revenge he’ll take for a girl touching him. And right now, there’s no room in my worry list to add one more.

Reason 2- He wouldn’t move an inch from my impact.


The voice gets sharper each second. That means one thing.
She’s coming here.

God! I sound like I’m in a ghost movie.

Fear build up inside my head thinking all the possible ways she’ll punish me for this.

“Micah! Please!” I tighten my fist as hard as I can to prevent from shedding a tear in front of him.

“You should have thought of the consequences before loosing my book sweetheart” he smirks, yet again.

My jaw clenches real hard. The hell with his sarcasm.


“I told you she’s with Micah mom.” My blood drains when I hear Dana, my twin’s voice outside the room.

“I know sweety! What did we tell about you talking? Shh..Let mommy handle it.” It seemed like she was talking to my sister. I sigh in relief until..

“I know you’re in there Willow! Come out!”

I start sweating not able to process my tongue right now.

“On the count of 5...1” I shiver when he says.

“Don’t make me wait young lady! The consequence won’t be good!”

“2” his smirk literally turns into a satisfactory smile looking at my condition..

“I’m coming in if you don’t answer me Wil.”




I had to think of a way to escape somehow. Mic is stubborn so he won’t listen unless you’re Cohen. And if I tell him she’ll call me the only thing she never did ‘A Whore’ he definitely won’t help.

I don’t believe in god. But if there’s god up there. Please save me.


And just like that I wait for my mom to kill me.


Heya. I'm new to this app. hope you like my story. Been working on it for a while. Please do give it some love.

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