The Wolf and The Star

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Their passion rivals the flames of Pluto’s hell, but it was a sacrifice that had to be made. This is the story of Abha and Andreas-- The Wolf and The Star.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Beginning

Many many eons from now a sacrifice will have to be made for the better of the universe. For balance in the world.

As time slowly passes by, kingdoms and empires will rise and then fall and as this happens ; a nebulae will be formed and it will collapse on its own gravitational attraction and in its very core it will heat up so hot with passion.

This nebulae will continue to collapse and heat up for the next ten megaanums. A star will be born.

Although she will be small, she will shine the brightest.

Not far from where she is, on planet earth, where all types of beasts walk, crawl, slither and fly, is a woman.

Not any woman, but an alpha, the most powerful female alpha to ever roam the earth. Most consider her the queen wolf.

A hungry one too, but she had a hunger that differs from the one you would feel in your tummy.

One that came from her instinct and laid under her red cloak and deep in her womb.

It didn’t take much for her desire to procreate to catch other male alphas attention.

One by one they came to claim her, but even they couldn’t put their claim on her.

Eagerly they had fought over who was the stronger male and she silently watched as they killed each other over her until the last man stood. “Ulf?” she questioned, she could only see the tribal tattoo that she identified him with.

Ulf was indeed a strong wolf. He had golden hair, his eyes were the color of malachite, and his structure was seemed to be sculpted by the great luna. “Bathory” he boomed across the field. He strode to her, each step giving off confidence.

When he stood before her, he took his hands and gently took her face in them—“You are my female now. You will be my luna and you will birth me heirs” Ulf told her.

Bathory’s hazel eyes glinted in excitement, everything was going according to the females plan. The moon was in its fullest phase, giving off its full power, and Ulf had no idea what was coming for him.

It was natural for wolves to roam the lands naked, only wearing clothes when it was winter and they were in their human skin.

As Ulf laid on the grass, Bathory quickly adjusted her dagger to her back. She sat on his still soft member putting her hands on his chest to lean down and kiss him—to get this ritual started.

Bathory had been caressing and kissing his body like they’ve been lovers for decades when she sunk down around his hard shaft, pulling moans and grunts out of the both of them.

Bathory couldn’t deny that she was attracted to Ulf, the way he looked at her as she rode him to hell had aroused her so much she dripped onto his muscular thighs and onto the grass.

Suddenly Ulf had turned them around into missionary, it brought a feeling of panic into Bathory but she went along with it, knowing that soon they would both reach their climax.

Before this Bathory had many lovers before Ulf, but they had never wrung the pleasure out of her like he did. At one point, she had thought about keeping him a little longer but she was running out of time. The head of his cock had reached places inside of her that had her reaching towards the sky

The female alpha had felt the end of Ulf’s stamina near, so quickly she had turned them around so she was on top again, and had rode him harder than ever. Just as he started to spill his seed in her, she grabbed her dagger and slit his throat. The cut was very deep, there was no saving.

His blood spraying everywhere, and all over Bathory as well. Bathory was still riding him when he tried to shift into his wolf to heal, but failed miserably. His wolfs phallus stretching into her womb had brought her, her orgasm.

She was covered in the dead alphas blood, spasming in euphoria as the moon shone down at her. “Oh! Goddess please! Please bless me!”

She slipped away from Alf’s corpes and laid on her back with her legs lifted in the air. She had heard from elder female wolves that it helps with making a baby.

Bathory had laid there for a while when she had felt heat in her womb, and suddenly the blood on her skin had started to glow, and the wolf queen smiled brightly.

Bathory is pregnant. Her pup has been blessed.

Her ritual had worked.

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