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Janet Suns was always quiet in school, thought to be mute by her classmates she was always an outcast. When the meanest guy in the school, Ethan markson, finds out Janet's abused at both school and home he changes towards her. Will he protect her and maybe even become her lover? Or will be her last break and leave her 6 feet under?

Romance / Drama
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Another bad day

My life has never been perfect, not only am I hated in my own home but I'm also hated at school. I suppose if I talked more at school then people might have liked me, but I never saw the point. It wouldn't have mattered, who would like someone as broken as me?

I spent years building my walls up brick by brick to keep people out, to prevent me being hurt even more. I lost all friends and all love, I guess that's the best explanation for how I got where I am today.

"Janet! Get down here right now," That's my mom, after my older brother died in a car crash she started to treat me as though I was worthless.

Not wanting another beating after last nights I quickly get dressed in all black, a black sweatshirt over my black tank top, black ripped jeans, and black converse.

I quickly and quietly jog down the stairs, throw my back pack over my shoulder and walk into the kitchen to greet my mom.

"Mother," I look her in the eyes accidentally.

She glares and shrieks, "Don't look at me! Get out of my house, and don't come back tonight I'm having a friend over!"

You'd think she was divorced from my dad with how often she has a "friend" over but nope, they are still together somehow. I nod my head lowering my eyes so she doesn't see my face, as quick as quietly possible I jog out the front door and get ready to walk to school.

I'm not exactly mute when it comes to school but I try to say as few words as possible, eventually my teachers gave up on me, and if you go long enough speaking only at lost 10 words a day you start to forget you can speak.

After 30 minutes of walking I finnaly arrive at school, I walk in and am immediately greeted by the mean girl, Samantha.

"Hey mute, miss me?" No I didn't miss you Samantha, your two week vacation made school so much easier, but of course I dont say that I just smile and roll my eyes.

"Oh don't be like that mute!" She snarls, I forgot how much she hates me rolling my eyes at her, I guess I should repair myself for the beating I'm about to get.

She pushes me into a locker and laughs before punching me in the stomach, I keep my eyes down and stay silent, after a few minutes the bell rings and she leaves. Once I'm sure that the coast is clear I walk into my math class.

Thankfully I don't have any classes after lunch, so instead of going to lunch I head to the park. The park or "Almond creek park" is a few minutes a way from the school and is where I stay when my mom tells me not to come home.

Once I sit down at a tree and pull out a book the feeling of hunger I'm used to goes away. An hour or two passes before it starts to get dark.

About an hour or so later I feel a shoe tap my stomach. I open my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness.

"Mute?" I hear a deep voice say before chuckling. "Man this is just my luck! I've been meaning to blow off some steam," still not knowing who it is I look up a little before seeing who it is... Jake Markson, oh no this is bad news, he doesnt just kick and punch for a little he stabs, I guess his brother being a star made him filled with hate.

He grabs me by my hair and slams me against the tree, I hear a little shing before I feel something in the left side of my stomach, in horror I look down and see his knife in my stomach. He pulls it out and makes one next to it, before pulling out again and adding a rainbow like curve under it, making it a frowny face.

I hear him laugh, before someone shouts, "Jake?" My head starts to feel light and as I pass out from blood loss I hear "fwat argh you dwing?" I try to figure out what that person said but then I pass out.

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