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Everything happens by either chance or destiny. Destiny is set in stone while chance is up to the person. Some believe destiny is the good, but when it comes to him I disagree.

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My life was never easy, not even in the end, but we are getting ahead of ourselves let me take you back to the beggining, to when I met... him.

Sean pikes pov

I was born September 8th, I was always a perfect kid, never got in fights my parents loved me and my little sister was always by my side.

As I got older I came to realize that I liked guys, and then we moved, my dad had gotten a job in California and had decided that he was going to take it.

When I first walked into the school I was confused, on my way to lunch, I got super lost and ended up in the library. I saw this guy who was sitting alone and decided to go ask him where the cafeteria is.

"Can I help you?" He asks angrily, I sulk back a little, "who are you?" He asks.

"S-sorry I'm new, my names Sean, could you help me find the cafeteria I got lost." I stutter out.

"Lost eh?" He asks maliciously before laughing.

"N-nevermind I can find it myself," I say before sprinting out of the library.

I'm sitting in art when I see someone next to me. Its library guy! Library guy? I almost chuckle what a funny nickname.

"Hey I never caught your name! We met in the library?" I say when he doesn't respond. I really just want a new friend and I don't think hes as mean as he acts.

He turns to me obviously annoyed, "I'm Adrian now stop talking to me, I'm bad news, so stay away from me pipsqueak " he says although it sounds like hes trying to convince himself more then me.

"Pipsqueak?" I ask and he just chuckles and shakes his head.

After class I see him in the hallway again and want to ask him if he wants to be friends. I touch his shoulder to get his attention and he snaps around pushing me against a tree, hard.

"Sorry pipsqueak, instinct, this is why you should stay away from me, I'll only end up hurting you!" He sighs avoiding looking me in the eye but still pinning me against the tree. I find myself getting hard looking at him, wait no no no I can't crush on him I just want a friend!

As if proving his point some douche bumps into him and then laughs with out saying sorry. He just shakes his head and starts walking to his car. I follow him hoping to talk him into being friends.

He turns around obviously fuming "listen pipsqueak and listen good. Stop. Following. Me." He says before hopping in his far with what I can only assume is his brother.

The next day at school I see him and grab his wrist, "can we please talk?"

"Fine, meet me here at lunch," he says sighing.

I meet up with him and bring my friend James who I only became friends with this morning. "Adrian this is my friend James," I say factually.

"Yeah I know who he is," Adrian says nodding.

"This is who you wanted me to meet? Sean hes bad news, Hes been mean since his dad died, and hes 19 some say he got held back because of a fight," James says completly ignoring that Adrian is right there.

Adrian sighs and shakes his head, "that's not true, and you didnt have to day it like that."

"Sorry coulda said it nicer I suppose," James says rolling his eyes. This obviously pisses Adrian off as he shoves James.

"Nevermind James, I think I'll talk to Adrian alone," I say quite a bit upset with him.

"Whatever, don't say I didn't warn you," he says before walking away.

"Anyways I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me to a waterfall nearby?" I ask hopeful.

"No thanks pipsqueak, I've already seen everything cool in this town," he says before walking away leaving me completely alone.

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