More Than One Surprise

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I am crying much and I say "Let me open the door, please Alex." He says gently close to my ear "No, I need to explain." I shake my head and say "No I don't want to know, I can't hear this, it hurts too much." Follow Melissa's journey from visiting her best friend, to finding her soulmate and everything that happens along the way. Is she really ready for everything that's about to happen?

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Chapter 1

Melissa, people call her Mel for short, is a 28 year old young woman who has long black hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 4 inches tall and has a slightly curvy figure. Her best friend Kevin is in a boy group in America. They are actually more like brother and sister because they have known each other for a long time and are very close. They used to live close to each other and they were always in and out of each other's homes. That was until about a year ago when Kevin and his family moved from where Mel lives in the UK to America, Florida to be precise and joined a boy group. The only contact they have had since then has been video calls and the occasional phone call. More often it's video calls as phone calls are expensive from country to country. Apart from the video calls, she hasn't seen Kevin since he left as he has been very busy and hasn't had time to come back for a visit. Mel misses him so much and she knows that he misses her too.
One night Mel decides that maybe she should go and visit Kevin but wants it to be a surprise, so she calls his mum. Kevin's mum is so happy to hear from Mel and they just talk for a few minutes, just catching up before Mel tells her that she is thinking of going to visit Kevin. His mum says "Oh Mel he will love that, he misses you so much." Mel replies "Mum you can't tell him, I want it to be a surprise." Mel has always called her mum, being so close to Kevin, his mum is like a second mum to her. "Okay I won't say anything to him. Just let me know when you are coming. Amy is here (his sister) and she can meet you from the airport and take you to where he is. She knows his schedule." Mel nods even though she can't be seen and says "Okay, I will let you know." As soon as she gets off the phone she books her flight for three days time then quickly phones Kevin's mum back to tell her the day and time she will be there.
Three days is not long but for Mel it feels like a lifetime. She has packed and repacked her bag more times than she can count. But soon it is the night before her flight and as she talks to Kevin on video call, it is so hard not to tell him. But she manages not to say anything. Then the next day when she is sat on the plane she is feeling very nervous and excited at the same time. She can't believe that this day has finally come. She decided to wear her black trousers that have many pockets and zips as they are comfortable and also her favourite trousers. With them she has on a white t-shirt and also her favourite black and white sport shoes.
Once the plane is in the air, she puts in her earphones and listens to some of the songs of Kevin's group that Kevin had sent her. They are really good and she thinks Kevin has an amazing voice. There are seven members in his group. They have only been together for 11 months so fairly new, but they are good and already have a big fan base. The other six members are: Alex, Adam, Luke, Matthew (prefers to be called Matt. Only his parents call him Matthew), Daniel and Jamie who is the youngest. Mel is nervous about meeting them but she is very excited to be seeing Kevin again after so long.
Once the plane has finally landed and she has been through security and has her bag, she walks through looking for Amy. Amy is about 5ft 7 and easy to find with her blonde hair with bright pink streaks. Amy quickly comes up to Mel, pulling her into a big bear hug before leading her out to the car. As they are driving, Amy says "Kevin is rehearsing with the others today so I will take you there. He will be so surprised and excited to see you. He kept talking about when they have some time off coming to see you. I wish I could be there to see his face but I have to be somewhere so I will drop you off outside the building." Mel sits there nodding and says "Okay, I am kind of nervous about meeting the other members but so excited to see Kevin again. I know I see him on video call but it's not the same as seeing him in person." Amy gives a little chuckle and she says "Yes I know what you mean. Don't be nervous with the other guys, they are all really nice and friendly." Then as they pull up outside a building, Amy says "Go in through those doors and up the stairs to the first floor, then walk straight along the hallway and they will be in the room at the end of the hallway with doors facing you. Leave your bag in the car and come and get it from mums later as she wants to see you anyway." Mel nods and gets out of the car and Amy drives away.

This is my first time posting anything on Inkitt, I really hope that you like this first chapter of my book. Thank you for reading.
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