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More Than One Surprise

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Chapter 2

Mel stands looking at the big building in front of her. She takes a deep breath then walks in through the doors. She sees the stairs to one side and walks up them to the first floor, like Amy directed her and stands in the hallway. The hallway isn't too long and she can see doors at the end facing her, which must be the room. She can hear singing, to be more specific she can hear Kevin singing. He has got the voice of an angel. But as she reaches the door the singing has stopped and all is quiet. Mel pauses for a few seconds and takes another deep breath before slowly opening the door and quietly walking in. She can see everyone gathered at the other end of the room and Kevin is stood with his back to the door. Mel stops to look at him for a couple of seconds. He has got black hair the same as her, but where hers is long, his is short. He is wearing black sweatpants, black sport shoes and a grey t-shirt. As Mel quietly starts to walk towards Kevin, two guys look at her with a questioning look on their faces. Mel points to Kevin then puts her finger to her lips. As she reaches Kevin and stands behind him, she puts her hands over his eyes and says "Guess who?" She can now feel everyone's eyes on her.

Kevin freezes as soon as she says this, recognising her voice immediately but not believing she is actually there. "No, that's not possible, it can't be you, there is no way you can be here." He lifts his hands up to hers and slowly removes her hands from his eyes and turns around to face her. He looks shocked when he sees her then squeals and says "OMG it is you, you are here." Mel smiles and says "Hey Kevin, surprise" and Kevin quickly pulls her into a big hug saying "Oh wow you're here, you're here" making Mel laugh. He then stops hugging her but keeps his arm around her waist and says to the others "This is my best friend that I told you about, she is more like my sister." Mel shyly looks at the others and they say hello and introduce themselves. Mel says hello back and says "My name is Melissa but you can call me Mel." Kevin then says "You never told me last night on video call that you were coming. How did you know where I would be today?" Mel giggles as he pulls a cute fake hurt face and she says "It was really hard not to say anything to you but I wanted to surprise you. I phoned mum so she knew I was coming and she got Amy to meet me at the airport and bring me to you." This makes Kevin look shocked that his sister and mum knew and kept it a secret from him. But then he smiles much again as he says "I am really happy that you are here, I have missed you so much. How long are you here for?" Mel shrugs and says "I'm not sure yet, I haven't decided but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." This makes Kevin smile and hug her again, before they are called to rehearse again.

Mel sits in a chair against the mirrored wall in front of them next to their manager. He seems to be a nice man and his name is Dave. Mel watches them rehearsing one of their songs which has got a kind of sexy dance to it. They are really good singers and dancers and all really cute, sexy even. Mel happens to look at Alex as they are dancing this part where they thrust their hips forward, and their eyes meet and he winks at her making her blush and look away. After they finish that song they run through another song and a few times Mel keeps looking at Alex, she can't help it, she feels drawn to him. As she looks at him she thinks to herself.... 'He is more than just cute or sexy, he is hmmm how can I explain him, dare I say perfect?'

When they have finished rehearsing, Mel walks over and stands next to Kevin while they are talking. Kevin says to her "What was your favourite song out of the two we just rehearsed?" Mel tells him the first one and he smiles and says "I bet I know what part of the dance you liked" and he wiggles his eyebrows at her. Mel nudges him in the ribs with her elbow and he says "Oww" then laughs like a hyena. Mel takes a quick look at Alex and he is looking at her with a slight smile on his face. She quickly looks away and starts blushing and Kevin sees her red face and puts his arm around her, thinking that she is blushing from what he said. They stand there for a few more minutes then Kevin says "Are you ready to go?" Mel nods and says "Your sister has my bag. She says to collect it from mums as she wants to see me." Kevin nods and says "Okay then we will go there first before we go home." He then grabs her hand and leads her out to the car.

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