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7 guys and you

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Hey this is my first chapter and ya please give me feedback so I can find out what will happened next!!!

Romance / Horror
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Your eyes were slowly opening. It was blurry but you heard people talking and saying your name. Your eyes got more clear and saw seven boys near your bed.

Y/N: Where am I?

You were looking around confused.

Yoongi: You jumped off the bridge.

Namjoon: Are you Ok?

You can tell he was the most worried one out of them.

Y/N: Y...Yes...

Jung Hoseok: Here I bought some flowers for you. He hands you some flowers.

Kim Seokjin: WITH MY MONEY! While he was looking in his wallet.

You giggled while looking at Kim Seokjin. Jung Hoseok got a little mad.

Namjoon: Awww is someone mad? Hoseok Started blushing. Hoseok: N....no! The doctor comes in.

Doctor: Hello! Kim Taehyung: Is she gonna be okay? When is she going to be released? Is She going to stay here forever?

Jungkook: Tae she's gonna be okay calm down.

Doctor: Yes she's free to go but I need to talk to someone in this group.

Namjoon: Yeah! Me! Namjoon and the doctor when outside the door to talk.

Doctor: She needs someone to stay by her side if we have her back here again for the same reason she will be sent to a Mental Hospital. Namjoon looked at the doctor in shock.

Namjoon: Okay. The doctor walked off. Namjoon walked into the room sadly.

Jimin: Namjoon is everything okay? You looked at Namjoon and turned your head mad when he looked back at you. Namjoon sigh and turned to Jimin. Namjoon whispered everything that the doctor said. Jimin looked at Namjoon worried and shook his head. Hoseok was flirting with you and Yoongi was getting mad and hugged you. You smiled and hugged back and you looked at Hoseok. You tried letting Yoongi go but he refused to let you go. Y/N: Yoongi are you okay?

Yoongi: Please don't leave me again... You started crying and hugged Yoongi tightly.

Yoongi: It's okay now I'm here I'll always be here for you........I love you Y/N. Everyone looked at you and got mad.

Your mind: Omg Yoongi! I don't know what to do at this point?

You smile and Yoongi let you go.

Y/N: I love you too I love everyone here I'm thankful you are all here! Everyone smiled and you raised your hands

Y/N: Group Hug! Everyone smiled and hugged you tightly.

Y/N: Okay get out I need to change!

Everyone got up real quick and ran out the door and closed it. You smiled and you picked up your clothes walked to the bathroom. Someone knocked on your hospital door. You take a towel and cover yourself and open the door.

Y/N: Yes? Jungkook was at the door.

Jungkook: Uhhhh...Sorry, A...are you hungry?

Y/N: Yes!! but imma take a quick shower okay? Jungkook blushed and shook his head and walked away. You smiled and closed the door and took a quick shower and jumped out and changed and got your stuff packed and walked out. You had the flower that Hoseok gave you. You looked up and Namjoon held a big stuffed bear with a rose. Jungkook was holding a box with your favorite snacks and he was holding balloons. You smiled and ran up to them and hugged them.

Y/N: Thank you!

Jimin: Come on let's go home. You looked at them confused

Y/N: Home? They shook their heads. you put your head down.

Y/N: I...Don't have a home. Jin grabbed your hand and looked at you.

Jin: Come on its's getting dark let's go home.

Everyone walked out of the hospital and you got tired of walking. Next thing you knew you were falling and someone catches you.

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