The Unwanted

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Cyan Ravindra was only a child when she came into Genesis Vadell's care. Years later, she still doesn't know why her parents gave her to such a monster. However, when she sees him, her heart takes over and it seems to know the truth. Genesis' caring nature overwhelms him whenever she's near. Genesis tries his best to stay away from Cyan but it's like he's naturally drawn to her. His solution? Lie. Cyan must never discover the truth about her parents or the small, isolated village she once called home, even if it means she has to hate him. Will Destiny prevail when she finds out her existence is a lie? The Unwanted can also be found on Royal Road

Romance / Fantasy
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As a child, I was silent and obedient. My parents weren’t overcrowded, I was their second and final child. My parents weren’t poor, we lived in a fairly nice house, always had food and new things. In fact, we were well enough off that my father’s hunting was enough for us to live comfortably. Not a lot of families are lucky enough. My parents and older brother both showed me plenty of love and care. All in all, we were happy. So why am I here?

Genesis will tell me that same, never changing story. My parents simply offered me up, free of charge. ‘Here murderous villain, take our child, she’s very well behaved’. Maybe they did it out of fear, he could’ve threatened my parents. ‘We’ll kill all of you’ or something like that, but he denies it. Maybe he protected my family and I was their reward for him. But my family was well off, so that doesn’t really make sense. Still, I asked and still, he denied. My parents just gave me to him, without prompt. One day when I’m out of here, I’ll ask them for the truth.

I’m sure they’ll be surprised at how much their little girl has changed. Even Genesis is surprised, although it annoys him more than anything. I came here still silent and obedient, but also scared and confused. I’ll be confused until the day I confront my parents. Alternatively, I no longer show my fear. I refuse to. The others are terrified I’m sure. Even his own friends are afraid of him when he’s angry. I’ve never seen him truly angry, he always leaves or sends me away. Then he returns, seeking comfort from me as if I was his lover. I’m not sure why and I don’t ask, not that I care. I already know he’s a horrible creature, I don’t need further convincing. He attributes it to me being desensitized.

His beloved, on the other hand, is horrifying. Her and her friends torment me whenever they’re around. Galya hates me. Genesis gives me too much attention, Genesis should’ve killed me years ago. She frequently offers to ‘get me out of his way’ if he’s too attached to do it himself. He just tells her to stop messing around. A dark sense of humor he calls it. But the problem is when he’s not around. When it’s just her and her two, just as horrifying friends. Galya however, I feel like even Genesis takes her ‘jokes’ a tiny bit serious at times. He rarely leaves me alone without Wirrin, Coen, or Thaddeus.

When I was younger Gayla would play with me, like a cat would a mouse. Genesis would chalk the bruises and cuts up to me trying to escape like I often did as a child. Since I stopped attempting escape it’s harder to write off the injuries. They’re slowly increasing in severity. Last week she pinned me against the wall and off the ground by my wrist, breaking my arm and dislocating my shoulder. I know well enough once it reaches him, he’ll demand answers. Answers I’ll refuse to give. He’ll get frustrated and the cycle will eventually repeat. That’s why I’m hiding among the stacks of the library at the opposite end of the house. Well, I’m hiding in one of the cabinets at the bottom of the bookcase. He’ll find me but it might take a while. Everyone’s always hesitant to give him bad news. Some of the others even come by with food for me or updates about Genesis. I was napping when a knock on the end of the bookcase startles me awake.

“Cyan, he’s returned.”

I open the door and see one of the other kids that’s lived here a while. He kneels down.

“Thanks Landon. Is Galya still here?”

He hands me a piece of bread and sits on the floor.

“No. She left as soon as Genesis arrived. Probably too scared to be around when the Doc tells him about the latest.”

He points to my casted arm and wrapped shoulder.

“Maybe she won’t come back.”

“If only we’d be that lucky.”

Landon sighs and stands back up.

“Take it easy okay? I have to go. Talk soon Cyan.”

I nod and watch him until he’s out of sight before closing the door.

Genesis had been away on business when Galya got me. I had avoided notice for a while. Then Thad, one of Genesis’ associates noticed the dark purple bruise around my wrist. He immediately took me to the doctor. Imagine his shock when Doctor Faum had to pop my shoulder back into place.

My stomach churns at the memory, threatening to reject the bread I just ate. I shift my position and pain shoots through my arm. No chance of me getting up now until Genesis comes to find me or one of the kids come back. I close my eyes and lay down my head.

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