Being with the CEO

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Rebecca Zarco is an ordinary girl, although her secrets are not so ordinary. Dakota Nightingale is the bachelor CEO who makes everyone trembles in his name. When both cross paths with each other, they both unlock a world of secrets and best of all, love.

Romance / Drama
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1-Meeting the King

As I step forward towards the front door, I take a deep breathe and move my foot to go forward. I look at my surroundings not surprised. Before coming to Nightingale industries, I had to do my research.

Nightingale Indistries was run by none other than the Nightingale family. It’s current leader is Dekota Nightingale, known to be the cold king. He is notorious for his black cold heart and his amazing accomplishments at a young age.

As I walk in, I can tell by every worker here is disgusted by my presence but I could really care less. They look at my old work skirt with pity and disgust. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of sad. Sad because humanity has really gotten so low.

When I tell the receptionist that I’m here for an interview, she took a double look at me and thought I was kidding.

“And WHO are you being interviewed by?”

“Mr. Lopez from marketing.” I said calmly

“I know who Mr. Lopez is. No need for attitude Missy!”

Uh! The nerve she has.

“Look I was told to come here and I’m here. So can you just tell me where his office is so I can be on my bloody way?” She was starting to really hit a nerve

“Fine, but one wrong move and I call security!” She’s really going to make me want to slap her here and now.

“Go up the elevator to floor 48 and his office is there”

“Thank you” finally some decency in her

“Just go already, new clients are going to think we allow anyone here” There’s the devil she was all along.

I leave without even saying anything else to her. When I reach the 48th floor, I see so many people all over the place talking and working. They seem to thrive here, looks like my kind of place.

I look at the receptionist for this office and she at least seems kind.

“Hello, I’m wondering when Mr. Lopez is available for today. He said come at 9-11 am and I’m here. My name is Rebecca Rameriz, I’m here for the position of marketing supervisor.”

“Oh hello, yes, Mr. Lopez said you will be arriving today. His office is down the hall and I will tell him that you’re coming in.”

“Why thank you.” Finally a decent person here

“Trust me, I know.” She heard that?

“Yes I heard that too. Ha, trust me, half of the people here are actually nice so don’t worry too much. The other half work for the devil, so also beware if you do end up working here. My name is Alicia”

“Wow, your kindness is surely appreciated. I’ll get going now.”

As I make my way to his office, I feel slightly nervous. What if I don’t make it here? This is my last chance. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive society being poor the rest of my life.

I knock on his door a little to harsh and I curse under my breathe. Great, I look overly aggressive and he hasn’t even met me.

“Why hello Ms.Ramirez! It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello. The pleasures all mine Mr. Lopez.”

He seemed like a nice lovely man. He looks like he is in his early 40s and by the way he smiles, he looks like he is in love. Right then and there, I see a picture of a woman next to his phone and another too of a little girl.

“So let’s skip all of the background info Ms. Ramirez, I already did a background search of you and you seem interesting. So tell me, why do you any to work for me? Why is it you came here when you had a stable job at Washington, who also happens to be our competitor?”

“I- okay I’m not going to lie because this matter is not something to play with. I was harassed by my employer and he made me not to tell a soul. I ended up telling because I’m not a helpless little girl, and in doing that, he took everything from me. Although I won the case court, it took all of my money and I still don’t get to have my job back because of the ‘dramatic scene’ I caused with him.”

He looked surprised. No pity. Which I'm grateful for.

“So what is what you want to do? Get revenge by telling us his secrets? Because we don’t allow that here.”

“No. I just simply need a job and this is the only place I can do my full potential. I didn’t do much at Washington and I got paid like I was an outsider. I may be Mexican, but that doesn’t mean that they should pay me less because of my ethnicity and heritage.”

“I see. I’ve been in your position before as well. I’m from Puerto Rico and I face the same discrimination. I know you don’t want my pity but from someone who has been in this position. I am sorry. I’ve seen your application and your work. You have amazing skills and I wouldn’t want any other person."

"Does that mean I have the job?”

“Absolutely! I already saw that your taken with our marketing receptionist here. Not all of us bite like the people downstairs. Now those people are demons”

He must really hate them downstairs to be talking about them like that.

“Okay, so you have the job and I want you to start working the day after tomorrow. Is that fine?”

“Perfect actually! Thank you so much and you won’t regret it!”

As I left, I couldn’t help myself and did a little shimmy on the way out but I ended up hitting someone.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

I looked at the stranger and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Dakota Nightingale! He looked at me and gave me the coldest stare. I swear the world stopped. I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and saw something more than coldness. It was also empty and lonely.

“Watch where you’re going next time. Don’t let it happen again.”

Okay! Dang. His stare ran shivers on my spine. This is going to be a rollercoaster of unusual emotions

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