My Forbidden Love

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A book about a girl named Esperanza caught feelings for her Step-Brother, Julian.

Romance / Other
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I jump from my bed as I hear my mother and father argue once again. My mother is an alcoholic and my father is the CEO of “Microsoft”. My mother was fired from her work, she used to be a cashier at target.

“I want a divorce, I just can’t continue being with you. I never even loved you.” I heard my father say.

“Fuck you, Michael.” My mother said as she signed the divorce papers and went to pack. My father kicked her out immediately, I have no idea where she is now. This all happened a month ago, my mom never really cared for me. Now, I’m waiting for my dad to arrive with his new girlfriend and her son. Hopefully it’s not an annoying ass little kid.

“Esperanza, we’re home!” I hear my father from downstairs. I quickly run down the stairs and stopped. I saw a cute and tall boy come inside the house. His hair was black jet black, with blue dreamy eyes. His arms and hands were so veiny, it turned me on.

“Let me introduce you to my new girlfriend, Vanessa and her son, Julian.”

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