Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

1:34 P.M

Blinking my eyes open, I squint at the sunlight beaming through the red curtains. I use my hand to cover my eyes as I open them fully and gather my vision and look around at my surroundings. I realize I'm not in my bedroom, as the events of last night start to replay in my mind. I look over and see Beyoncé sound asleep on her side with the sheet barely covering her nipples. I smirk and lick my lips then I look over at the clock and see that it's 1:36 in the afternoon and time for me to head out.

I turn on my side to ease my way out of the bed without waking Beyoncé from her deep slumber. Successfully managing to get out of the bed without waking her, I look around her bedroom floor searching for my clothes that were scattered about. As I find all my clothes I turn and head out of the bedroom door planning to get dressed as I made my way to my car.

I press the key fob twice to unlock my car doors, when I get in I take a few minutes to finish putting my clothes on and gather my thoughts. I lean back in my seat and button up my last button on my suit jacket as I think over everything that transpired last night, and my plan for today.

I really did enjoy myself yesterday. From me and Bey's little talk session to learn a few things about each other, to the bomb sex that followed. I mean that girl was amazing. I finally met someone who is just as nasty as me, if not MORE. The way she worked her tongue and introduced me to different, new sex positions that I never even thought of, really had me on edge and intrigued the entire time.

But that's all unimportant now, because I got what I wanted, and that was to have sex with her then dash. No need for me to try to carry out something that isn't going to get anywhere. But I can't say I wouldn't be surprised if she were to hit me up a couple of times after this begging for more like all the rest of my one nighties do. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but I laid that shit down last night.

That last thought caused me to chuckle out loud as I crank up my car and shift the car into reverse backing out of Beyoncé's driveway. As I pull off from her house I roll down all my windows and turn my radio up with the bright sun shining on me. Everything is automatically putting me in a good mood, a smile crept it's way on my face as I looked in the side view mirror and seen my face and the exposed skin on my chest glowing. I can already tell today's gone be a great day.

2:05 P.M

I arrived home at just about 2 o'clock and decided to go chill with my homies from around the way Aubrey, Daequan, August, and Kendrick. I haven't spoken to them in awhile due to me deciding to lay low from when we did that bank heist earning each of us a solid $50,000 each. So I decided since I'm in a great mood why not go see my boys.

I got in the shower letting the freezing cold water hit my skin. I always preferred cold showers over hot showers, the cold water relaxes me more than hot water, but I occasionally turn on hot water to get a combination of both. My friends and past girlfriends always called me weird for that, but you can't knock something until you try it. Plus they're all just a bunch of pussies anyways.

After taking a hour long shower, I step out the shower grabbing my folded towel off the shower drying off then rapping the towel around me, and go to start getting ready. In the middle of me getting dressed, my phone buzzed multiple times on my nightstand.


3:23 p.m

Hey, uhm can we meet up somewhere, I really would like to talk to you about somethings...


3:23 p.m

Listen I know what happened yesterday took a toll on the both of, with both of us saying things that shouldn't have been said. But I really need to talk to you, I don't want us being on bad terms with each other, because before we became girlfriends, we were best friends before anything.


3:24 p.m

Alright. You're clearly too deep in your feelings to talk right now, but I understand. Just remember that I'm always here if you need me or want to talk. I love you Robbie.❤️

I released a deep breath that I didn't even realize I was holding in. I tosses my phone back on my nightstand, then sat on the edge of the bed with my head in both of my hands and sighed again.

I know exactly who the messages are from. Even though I deleted her number, I just couldn't bring myself to block her number or anything that pertains to her.

The reason for that? A part of me misses her, and wants to work things out with her, and try again. But how many times can you try again before you say enough is enough? We both know that we're toxic for each other but yet, neither one of us can leave the other person alone. Jhene was the only girl I can ever say I loved with everything in me. And she knows that, and uses that to her advantage.

I shake my head to rid myself of and thoughts that were going to ruin my day by putting me in a depressing mood. With everything that happened last night, I refuse to allow anything to fuck up my day.

I finish putting on my lotion and deodorant, and putting on my under garments then I walk over to my walk in closet with no idea in my mind of what to wear today. I decide on a pair of red biker shorts, a black shirt with a red Nike logo, and some red and black Nike sandals.

I go in my bathroom to do my hair. I'm not really in the mood to do too much to it, so I decided on a doing a slick ponytail to the back. I finish up my hair after laying my edges down, and walk back out to my room and grab my phone, charger, wallet, and keys and head out my room. Upon me entering my car my phone begins to ring in my hand.

Incoming call: Ken🔥🔫

I press the button to answer the phone and soon after Kendricks loud ass voice fills my ears.

"Ayooo Robs what'chu up to today sis?"

"Nothing really, I was just actually about to swing over y'all way and chill for a bit." I reply pressing my key fob twice to unlock my car doors before getting in, and starting the car up. I put my phone on speaker phone so I won't have to hold my phone up to my ear and drive at the same time.

"Aye bet that up. But listen, did you hear about that nigga Sanchez getting released from prison today?"

My hands tense up on my steering wheel as they start to turn white from me clutching the wheel so hard. Hearing that name made my blood boil. Carlos Sanchez was one of my biggest rivals yet. That clown has one of the biggest drug rings connecting from California to Mexico. He recently got caught up though when he was involved in a shootout with another drug dealer and his crew. Me and Carlos have had bad blood between each other rooting from back in the day when I first started in the game and ran shit for Carlos until that nigga set me up one night having me deliver faulty drugs to another drug dealer and having them think I was a under cover cop or some shit. Ever since that day, we fell out and the rival has gotten deeper over time when Carlos was in prison speaking about planning to "take me and my crew out when he gets released".

"Hellooo. Earth to Robyn! Earth to Robyn!"

I hear Kendrick say. Shit, I was so deep in thought I forgot that he was on the phone.

"Yeah, I'm still here. And nah I ain't hear about that. But shit, ain't no fear running through me. It's whatever, you know I'm always ready to let Luna sing my favorite tune." I say smirking.

Kendrick burst out laughing causing me to chuckle a bit, even tho I was being dead ass serious.

"You crazy as fuck sis, but you know we right behind you no matter what. Ten toes down. But aye, I'ma catch you when you get here cause these gotdamn dogs is trying to chase the mailman again. MIDNIGHT GET'CHO ASS BACK OVER HERE NOW!!"

I let out a laugh with the thought of Kendricks two pit bulls "Midnight" and "Ranger" chasing the mailman all over the block.

"Alright bro talk to you when I get there."

"Aight sis, be coo."

And with that I reached for my phone hanging up, and replacing the silence with my radio as, "Break the Bank" by Schoolboy Q came on, and I continued on with my drive.

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