Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Beyoncé Knowles

3:47 P.M

I woke up shortly after Robyn had left, and was feeling really good about today. I had nothing specific to do today so I decided to go grocery shopping while I have the time and energy.

I usually go grocery shopping at night time being that's usually the available time I have, when I'm not shooting or taking calls. It's hard for me sometimes to enjoy the simplest things in life when my schedule is always filled up with work. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love what I do because of the freedom I have when I do it, but sometimes I find myself pondering on how my life would have been if I took a different route with my career.

Not wanting to dwell in my emotions today, I got out of bed and checked my phone that lay on my nightstand. Seeing I had a few notifications from social media, two missed calls from my manager Fantasia, and three missed calls from my best friend Kelly. I decided to call my manager first so I went to my contacts, and clicked on my managers contact pressing the call button, the phone started to ring.

"Hello?" Fantasia's voice fills my ears when she picks up on the fourth ring.

"Good afternoon, Tasia. Sorry I missed your calls earlier, I was still asleep. What's up?" I say as I make my way to the bathroom, turning in the light and gathering my things to shower.

"It's okay! I was just calling to tell you about how the best manager in Cali managed to book you for Vogue's newest summer issue magazineee!" She exclaims, excitement evident in her voice.

I chuckle at her excitement, smiling broadly. "Oh shit, thank you, Tasia! I'm so lucky to have you as my manager, I really appreciate all that you do for me, seriously."

Me. On the cover of VOGUE magazine!!?? That shit sounds so foreign when I say it to myself. Never in a thousand years would I ever imagine myself being on such a popular magazine. God really does work in mysterious ways!

"Bey?! You still there?" Fanatasia's says through the phone bringing me out if my thoughts.

"Y-Yeah, I'm hear. I just can't believe this news!" I say still in awe.

"Yeah I was shocked too. But that's not all I have to tell you!"

"There's more? Oh boy!" I say blinking my eyes a couple times.

"Yep! I also want to tell you how i was contacted by Mark Zeilberg assistant. They offered you a deal of $1,000 a hour for this perfume campaign commercial that they have in pace for next month between the fifteenth and the eighteenth. I told them I would consult with you first and get back to them for the final decision."

"What perfume is the commercial for?" I day before I give my final decision.

"It's for this perfume called, "13 Wishes". To be honest with you Bey, if everything goes right, this could be a good move for you to really get your name and brand out there more. You've never done a commercial before, so you know, I would go for it."

I nod my head like she could actually see me. "You're right Tas, I'm gone do it. So go ahead and set that up for me snd get back to me with all the details and stuff."

"You got girlie! So I'll probably call you Wednesday or Thursday to let you know what's going on. Sound good?"

"Yes, thanks you everything again, Tasia. I really can't thank you enough."

"It's no problem hun, really. Besides it my job." She says followed by a chuckle.

I let out a chuckle my self before saying my goodbye to Fantasia, and ending the call. I sit my phone down on my bathroom counter and turn to look at my self in the mirror.

My grandmother would be so proud of me right now if she were here to hear about all the amazing things I'm accomplishing. I smile at myself looking at my reflection in the mirror, before turning and heading to the shower.


Instant rice. Instant....rice. Where is i—oh there it is. I turn towards the instant rice section reaching up to get me a box on the top shelf. I feel a forceful push against my shopping cart, causing it to bump into my hip. I frown and turn towards the klutz who isn't paying attention to where their going.

I suck my teeth and prepare my mouth to say something, but the person that bumped into my shopping cart beat me to it.

"I-I'm so sorry. Excuse me." I look up and see this beautiful brown skinned woman with a flustered look on her face. I scan her body up and down before bringing my eyes back up to meet hers, licking my lips.

"You good baby." I move my cart closer to the shelves of food keeping my eyes on the young woman ahead of me. She looks down trying to hide her flushed face, probably thinking I didn't notice her blushing. She moves her basket into the clear space of the aisle and continues on down, avoiding looking at me. As she goes down the aisle I get a full view of her backside, and man was she blessed in all the right places. I lick my lips again just imagining what I would do to her, but my thoughts get cut short when a middle aged white woman who I assume is in her mid 40's, asks me a question gaining my attention.

"Uhm, excuse me darling, do you mind getting that pack of rice right there for me. When you get to my age, it becomes a full work out to reach that high." She say's followed by a hearty laugh.

I smile at her and grab the bag of rice she was referring to, handing it to her, I turn around and head the opposite way to go finish up grocery shopping hoping I could catch that girl before she leaves the store.


As I make my way to the front of the store, I go down each lane to see which one has the shortest line. Why is it that it seems like Walmart always only has two or three lanes open, knowing how busy this store can get. Like who don't like shopping at Walmart,— I lose my train of thought as I notice that chocolate honey dip from the rice aisle, in lane 3 with no one behind her.

I make my way over there and move my basket to where it's directly behind her's but a few inches away. The woman turns around and becoming aware of my presence and smiles at me showing me her pearly white teeth that I didn't take notice of earlier. She turns back around being that it was her turn and starts putting her items on the conveyer belt. I decide to move to lane 4 that just opened up, so I could leave around the same time as her.

As I put my last bag in my basket and hand my money to the cashier, I turn to my right and see the woman heading towards the entrance. She makes eye contact with me. Smirking and winking at me, she starts walking slower to the doors, indicating she's giving me tine to catch up to her. I get my receipt from the cashier saying my, "Thank you, have a good day." Making my way to the entrance doors, I see the woman just now walking out of them. I pick up my speed swerving and sliding past people, I was finally able to catch up to the woman as I walked through the exit doors after her, and move to where we're walking side by side.

As we're walking side by side to the woman's car, I have the chance to take in her side angle of her face and realize that she's absolutely stunning from every angle. I decide to start up a conversation with her before we reach her car.

"So what's your name beautiful?" I ask as she turns to look at me, and smiles looking down again.

"Janine." She say's. I didn't notice earlier how smooth and soft her voice is.

"That's a beautiful name, I like it." I say as I lean down placing both my arms on the basket handle folding them on too of each other, beginning to push it that way.

"Thank you. And you are?" She turns to finally look at me her lips now closed together in a small smile.

"Beyoncé. It means 'beyond others' so I was told. Well at least that's what google told me." I say chuckling.

She let's out a laugh herself. Damn, even her laugh is sexy!

"Beyoncé. I like that name. It's different, but creative." She says nodding her head slowly.

I decide to tease the girl a bit, by leaning up and coming closer to her. I lick my lips while looking her directly in her deep almond brown eyes and bite down on my bottom lip.

"Mmmh baby, I like the way you say my name. Say it again.."

Her eyes widen as she becomes flustered again, missing a pot hole in the ground as she goes over it, some if her bags fall out of her basket. She comes to a stop, realizing what just happened, and walks to the side and goes to pick up the fallen bags.

But I beat her to it, and retrieved her bags for her as we both lean up and I place them in her basket while looking directly in her eyes. As we continue on our walk in silence, we finally reach her car.

"Listen um, I'm busy tomorrow after noon, but maybe we could go get dinner or movie and uhm..", I say moving closer to her and leaning her against her car placing both of my arms on either side if her to where she couldn't go anywhere. "...and get to know one another better?" I tilt my head to the side coming closer to her face, looking her in her eyes.

"S-S-Sure, that's fine. We c-could do that!" She says. This right here ladies and gentlemen, is one of my favorite parts. Watching people become puddy like the base if my palms. I hold out my hand for her to place her phone in it. She reaches in her purse retrieving her phone, placing it in my hand, I unlock it and go to her phone icon and add my number as a new contact, then go to text myself to send her number to my phone.

As I finish up I hand her phone back to her. "Good, so I'll see you tomorrow around 7:00 mama." I say winking at her and walking to my cart and head in the direction of my car to head home.


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