Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

10:48 P.M

"Ayeee!! Gimmie' my money niggaaa!"

Kendrick said to Daequan. Them niggas spent the last thirty minutes playing a game of pool for five dollars a ball. I for sure had my money on Daequan, cause Kendrick couldn't play pool for real to save his life. I guess today he got lucky though.

The rest of us chilled around drinking, smokin', or trying to convince one of these broads to let them fuck. Me on the other hand, just stayed to myself on the couch with my usual in my hands. A blunt and a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey. It wasn't a big party going on or nothing like that. More like a last minute mini get together the crew decided to put together.

It's been six days since me and Jhene broke up. She called and texted me several times, but each time she would call I would either decline or just let the phone ring till she gave up. It's also been six days since me and Beyoncé hooked up that night. I know I told myself that, that was just a one night fling, but my mind can't help but to drift into thoughts and fantasies about the seductive woman. Something about her just intrigues me, and makes me want to explore her more. I'm snapped out if my own thoughts when August waves his hand in front of my face.

"Aye' nigga you good?"

"Yea', I'm good. Why you askin'?"

"Cause nigga you sittin' over here spaced out like you in another world or sum' shit."

I blink a couple times, and sit up straight in my seat.

"Nah', I'm just thinking bout some shit that happened days ago."

August frowned and sucked his teeth.

"Maann. I know you ain't still trippin' off that girl Jessie, is you?"

I chuckled at August calling Jhene the wrong name. He never liked her, and ever since the day I got with her he would say her name wrong on purpose every time he spoke to, or about her.

"Nigga, now you know damn well you know that girl's name. You ain't even shit, bro." I say laughing, taking a hit from my blunt that I forgot was still lit.

He shrugged his shoulders, and rolled his eyes.

"Of course. I know her name is Jazebel."

I busted out laughing at this clown, causing some heads to turn my way. But one specific person that turned to look at me, caught my eye. I remember hearing her name being said by someone earlier, it's just kinda fuzzy in my mind at the moment. I think her same was..Selena? No, no it wasn't Selena. Sierra? Solantro?

I knudge August to get his attention. "Aye' man, what's shawty over there name is?" I say nodding my head in the direction of the nameless girl, keeping my eyes fixated on her.

August exhales smoke from his mouth, and follows my gaze to the girl. He squints his eyes to get a closer look at her.

"Ohh her? I think her name is, Solange. She bad as fuck too. Too bad she gay. Maann I would've fucked the shi—"

"Aye' nigga, chill." I cut him off before he could finish. I turn my lip up at him, becoming disgusted with him.

He shrugs his shoulders again, as I turn my gaze back to the girl who's name I learned to be, Solange. I put my blunt out in the astray next to me on the couch, and get up making my way towards her direction. She turns and looks at me, giving me a bright smile. The girl sitting next to her stops talking mid sentence and turns in my direction, giving me clear view of her face.

It felt like time froze. I could hear my own heart beat rapidly in my ears, as my mouth and throat instantly went dry. And the high I had from the weed and Jack Daniels, disappeared. I immediately recognized the woman's beautiful face. She smiled at me, showing me her beautiful smile once again, making my heart flutter.

"Hello, Robyn."

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