Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

11:24 P.M


It felt like time froze. I could hear my own heart beat rapidly in my ears, as my mouth and throat instantly went dry. The high I had from the weed and Jack Daniels disappeared. I immediately recognized the woman's beautiful face. She smiled at me, showing me her beautiful smile once again, making my heart flutter.

"Hello, Robyn."


I swallowed the lump in my throat, in an attempt to moisten my mouth to get the right words to speak. But no matter how hard I tried, the words just couldn't come out.

"Are you okay, Robyn?"

Damn, her voice is smooth and soft like butter, just how I remembered it to be. I finally snap out of my thoughts, not wanting to seem like some creep just standing there staring at her.

"U-uh yeah. I'm coo'. Wow, I thought I would never see you around again." I say, letting out a small laugh. "You been here the whole night, and I haven't seen you once?"

She let's out a chuckle shaking her head. "Yeah, me and my little sister was just staying low, blending in the background."

She smiled and pointed her thumb to the woman I was originally coming over to speak to. Now that I examine both of their faces next to each other, I'm starting to notice the resemblance between the two.

I smile and nod my head towards Beyonce's younger sister. "What's yo name lil' mama?"

She blushes, and a small smile makes it way on her face. "Most definitely not "lil' mama. It's, Solange. How you and my sister know each other tho'?" Solange says, leaning her arms on both sides of her bar stool.

I chuckle at Solange's sassyness. Beyoncé glares at the side of her sister's face. If only looks could kill, Solange would be six feet deep right now.

"We know each other from around the way." I smirk, and throw a wink at Beyoncé, causing her to blush and look down. Solange narrows her eyes and looks between me, and Beyoncé. I hear her mumble, "Around the way my ass.." I decide to let the comment go, and turn my attention back to Beyonce.

"Can I talk to you alone right quick?" I turn on my heels and start walking up stairs to an empty room, not leaving Beyoncé or Solange the chance to say anything.

I find an empty room all the way in the back of the house, and walk in taking a seat on the bed, lighting up the blunt that was tucked behind my right ear. I hear soft footsteps in the hallway in the direction of the room, before Beyoncé enters the room closing, and locking the door behind her. She stands in the middle of the room and just stares at me, making my body heat up under her gaze.

"So you just gone stand there and stare at me all night, or you gone come lay down?" I say scooting farther back on the bed and lean up against the headboard. Beyoncé snaps out of the gaze she had on me and saunters over to the left side of the bed, placing her knee and palms on it first, making the bed dip in. I take the opportunity to take in her entire appearance.

Black skin tight biker shorts, a red crop top that stopped just below her breast, allowing the tiny stud belly button ring to show. Red and black sandals. The top section of her hair was in a tight ponytail that cascaded graciously down her back blending in with the rest of her hair. Her lips were nice and plump covered in thick clear lip gloss. Babygirl look good as ever.

"Uhm, hey. Robyn you okay?"

Beyoncé says, while snapping her fingers in front of my face. I chuckle to myself, I didn't even realize how long I must have been admiring her.

"Yeah, I'm good. You just look good as hell tonight, was just taking it all in. My bad tho' for staring ma'." I say taking a long drag of the still burning blunt between my fingers.

She lets out of small laugh, and shakes her head while looking at me. "You good. Thank you, you look really good tonight, as well. How've you been tho'?"

"Nothing, really. Same ol' shit as always. Lemme' ask you tho..what you doing at this lil' party tho'? I ain't pin you as the typa' chick that hangs around this typa' crowd.."

She does her little infamous smirk that I've grown to love. A wave a nausea washes over me, I blink a few times to conscious. What the fuck was that about?

I slightly shake my head to get rid of the voice inside my head, and tune back into what Beyoncé was saying.

"Well maybe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover before actually taking the time to read it, right?"

Still smirking, she folds her hands in her lap and raises an eyebrow, challenging me. I just now take notice of how close in space we are together.

"You got me there, ma'." Laughing, I take one more long drag of the blunt before passing it to Bey. Surprisingly, she took the blunt from me, and brought it to her lips, taking a long drag from it as well, then exhaled the hot smoke.

"My sister met some dude at a kick back some time ago, he invited her to a "little gathering" at his house , and she brought me along, now here we are! And to be honest with you, I know how to hang out with anybody as long as I can have a good time with them.."

She scoots closer to me, placing the blunt in her left hand, bringing her other hand to my thigh, drawing small circles on it. Those circles became a line that she drags all the way up my thigh.

My stomach tightens at her touch, and I feel my girl downstairs become wet. I turn my head, just to come face to face with her. She leans her body closer to mine, not allowing any space between us.

"I've been thinking about you a lot, Robyn." She bring her face closer to mine and captures my lips in a long kiss that brought back memories from the night we hooked up after the club. I reached my hand up her shirt, and began to massage her breast, causing her to moan in our kiss.

A knock is heard at the bedroom door, stopping us from going any further. Beyoncé leans back causing my hand to drop out of her shirt. Staring at me in the eyes, as she bites her bottom lip.

"Aye you nasty bitches! Y'all been in there too long to just be talking. Bey, bring ya' ass , my feet hurt, and I'm ready to go." Solange says, footsteps fade out into the distance after awhile indicating she walked away from the room.

Beyoncé rolls her eyes in her head at her sister's interruption. She leans over the bed and puts the blunt out in a nearby ashtray, and grabs her phone off the nightstand. She turns back around to me, and tosses her phone in my lap.

"Give me yo' number so I can hit you up so we can finish our "conversation."

She smirks doing the air quotes around 'conversation' and winks at me.

I chuckle and go to her phone icon, and press contacts. Entering my number, I set my contact name as, "Robs" with a red heart emoji next to it. I hand her phone back to her. She takes it and stares at the the new contact in her phone.

"Come walk me to my car."

She says and shakes her head, heading towards the room door, opening it and walking out. I get up after her, and chuckle at myself before heading downstairs as well.

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