Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada


Standing over the marble counter of her pearl white bathroom, glaring at herself in the mirror, Robyn applied the finishing touches to her nude makeup look. Feeling satisfied with the results, she gathered up her essential belongings that would be carried with her throughout the night, she exited her bathroom, entering her room picking up her phone to call Genesis, to let her know to come now so they can arrive at the lounge before the line got long.

Picking up on the fourth ring, a exuberant Genesis greeted her best friend excited for the nights activities.


"Come on girl, I would like to arrive before the line gets long, and we end up having to wait all night just to get in."

"Gotchu' boo. I'm around the corner now. Come on outside."

"Okay, I'll be outside waiting."

"Alright, bye."


Picking up her clutch purse that held her phone, phone charger, lipstick, and some cash, and keys, she turned her bedroom lights off after making sure to remember exactly how she left her room before exiting and heading downstairs.

Hearing the honking outside indicating that Genesis is outside, Robyn made her way to the car after locking up her house.

Entering the car, Genesis was the first to speak,

"Bitch you ready to get fucked up tonight?"

Strapping in her seatbelt, Robyn turned to Genesis,

"Hell yea. Some Red Berry ciroc on ice sounds bomb as fuck right now."

"Well let's go. I called Tony in advance, so he's up there expecting us."

"Okay, sounds like a plan."

With Genesis backing out, and pulling off from Robyn's home, Robyn sunk in the seat, with eagerness to drink earlier's events away, Robyn hoped to find someone to occupy her time tonight.

45 Minutes Later

Pulling up to the lounge, both women saw the long line already forming past the building. Tonight a big event was taking place in the lounge, so knowing some one who can get you in without the wait, was the best thing at that moment.

Parking the car, the two young women walked up to the building's front door, grabbing the attention from impatient on lookers in the line, walked right up to the lounge's bouncers 'Tony' and 'Benny'. Tony immediately noticing Genesis walking up the the side walk, he greeted the two ladies with a wide smile.

"Good evening ladies! You both look gorgeous tonight."

"Thank you, Tony. You're looking good tonight as well." Genesis honestly stating.

Turning and smiling admiring one another's outfits. Genesis's attire included, an off the shoulder black velvet dress coming down to her mid thighs, showing her freshly shaven cocoa colored legs, her new black strapped high heels shined in the moonlight, adorned with a matching set of sterling silver diamond earring, square diamond cut necklace, and tennis bracelet, she was sure to grab attention tonight.

Robyn on the other hand, outfit consisted of a black satin women's pants suit with one button, buttoned up, the rest remained open showcasing Robyn's under breast tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. On her feet were a pair of gold and black strap high heels. Accessorized in a 14k gold chain bracelet, a 14k Herringbone chain, and golden diamond earrings adorned each of her earlobes. Her black hair, flat ironed into a blunt cunt blew in the brisk wind as Tony escorted the two ladies into the lounge leaving the two women alone.

As loud bass music of Tinashe '2 On' blasted through the sound system around the lounge, the ladies headed to the open bar, making sure to not bump into anyone in the packed night club, ready to get the night started. The two ladies both took a seat in two of the bar stools, grabbing the tall light skinned male bartender's attention. Throwing the two ladies a smile he briskly made his way to where they sat.

"Hello ladies, My names Aaron, I'll be your guys bartender for the night, what can I get you two for tonight?"

Instantly attracted to be the male, Genesis was the first to speak flashing him her pearly white teeth,

"What's the special for tonight?"

Looking in the direction of the smooth chocolate skinned woman in a flirtatious manner he spoke,

"Well, we have a Cranberry Lemonade Margarita with Mint. We also have the Pineapple & Strawberry Daiquiri w/ a dash of Pina Colada."

Robyn's mouth instantly watered at the mention of Pineapple and Strawberry being combined, being that is one of her most favorite combinations. She spoke excitedly,

"Ohh I'll have that Pineapple & Strawberry drink."

"Uhm, I'll try that Cranberry Lemonade Margarita please."

Brightly smiling at the two ladies one last time, Aaron the bartender said,

"I'll have that right over shortly!"

After thanking Aaron, Robyn turned in her bar stool skimming the lounge for any interesting women that could grab her attention. Feeling a burning stare on the side of her face, Robyn turned to her right, locking eyes with the most beautiful woman she has ever lay eyes on. Acknowledging the fact that she's saw a lot of very beautiful women in her life, this specific woman being the most attractive one, she couldn't help but to be in a haze, staring at the woman, as the opposing woman, still looking at Robyn, smirked at her, and turned facing the bar giving Robyn an even more clear view of the her body.

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