Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

My mouth abruptly began to water at the sight of the woman's upper thigh area peaking through the slit of her emerald green spaghetti strap dress. My eyes widened at the fact that she didn't have on any underwear. Her hair, which looked to be a sandy brown color, it's hard to see the definite color through the different club lights going around, but her hair in tight freshly done curls, swayed to the mid of her back. The woman looked to be standing at 5'6-5'7, because of her high heeled shoes. She was absolutely breath taking. Aaron came back with our drinks shortly after, I broke my ongoing haze at the woman.

This woman seems like the perfect catch for me to take home and release the pent up stress I have inside. Grabbing the glass of the delectable alcoholic beverage, I sauntered my way to the young woman, ready to use my charm to get her to leave with me.

As the young woman turned to look at me making my way towards her, her smirk grew. Stopping a few inches away from her, I sat down in the stool opposite to her right, and just stared at her, in awe of her beauty.

"I take it you like what you see?" She says continuing to stare at the alcohol bottles on the shelf behind the bar, avoiding eye contact with me.

I was shocked at the sound of her voice, which was beyond what I expected for it to sound. So stern, but yet, so light and soft. Now I'm curious to hear how my name sounds, when she moans it.

"I do actually. It's hard for me to notice a beautiful woman when I see one, and miss the chance to meet her."

"And just how many woman have you used that line on before?" She says.

"Only 7." I say with a smile, earning a chuckle from the woman before me. Finally turning her head my way, my breathe caught in my throat at how mesmerizing her eyes were. Bringing me back to reality, the woman extends her left hand.

"My name is Beyoncé. And yours?"

A wide smile grows on my face as I realize that I'm getting somewhere with her. Extending my right hand to meet hers, I replied,


Shaking my hand her smirk turns into a smile.

"Well Robyn, it's nice to meet you."

Not wanting the conversation to die, I decide to ask her a question that could give me further insight to the young woman.

"So Ms.Beyoncé are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"Well yes, I see you right now." She says with a smile on her face, she does a little laugh. Finding her joke humorous, I join her in laughing.

"Of course, but seriously, you in a relationship?" I ask again attempting to get to the point.

"No. I'm not."

Hell yeah. Those three words alone, made me relieved, and made me want her even more. Just for one night though.

"That's really shocking Beyoncé. You see, I assumed an attractive woman, such as yourself, would have some one to go home to."

A smirk spread across her face once again.

"Hm, Robyn, I suppose you learned a lesson from this encounter, that you should not go around assuming things about people, yes?" She says with one eyebrow up, and the smirk remaining on her face, as she played with what I assumed was red wine in the clear bar glass.

"Yes, I did learn that lesson. I apologize for making such an assumption, but I am relieved to know that, I can do what I want to you, and not have to worry about your significant other finding out." I say moving to stand in between her legs, as I tilt her head up to mine, where our faces were just inches apart from each other.

I felt the heat radiating off her body, as her eyes got big, and she became stiff in her bar stool, staring me directly in my eyes. Now it was my turn to smirk, as I knew I got her hot and bothered. Beyoncé, quickly gathering her composure, refusing to allow me to intimidate her. As she pulled me further into her, she placed her hand on the back of my neck, and lowered me to be at the level of her mouth. She spoke in a low seducing voice to where only she, and I knew what was being said.

"Maybe you should come see me later, and show me just what you want to do to me." She licked up my neck, than placed a kiss where she had just licked, making my body grow chills everywhere. Pushing me away from her, she grabbed her clutch, and a bar napkin. I watched as she quickly jotted something down on the napkin, before sliding it in my direction. Standing up, she winked at me before walking around me, heading to the exit of the lounge, looking over her shoulder at me one last time.

Completely astounded at what just occurred, and turned on at that point, I picked up the napkin she wrote on, and seen that she wrote her address on the napkin with a heart next to a capitalized B. Lifting my head up, glancing around me to see if any one saw what just happened, I stuffed the napkin in my pants pocket, and made my way back to Genesis.

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