Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

Walking back over to Genesis, she was looking at me intently, I just knew she was going to ask about my whereabouts, being she didn't know where I walked off to. Taking a seat in my previous bar stool, I turned to Genesis squinting her eyes at me.

"Bitch, where did you disappear to? And don't lie."

Chuckling at her sounding like my mother giving me a good scolding, I replied,

"I just went to talk to a close friend, that's all." I say taking a sip of my drink before it melted.

"Uh uh, girl I don't want to hear that. The way you walked over here with that goofy smile on your face, like a kid in a candy store who got told they can get whatever they want, you did more than just talk." She said growing a smirk on a her face.

"Honestly, all I did was talk," I say holding up both of my hands in a surrendering notion, "but listen, the place is pretty dull tonight, so do mind taking me home?" I say eager to get to Beyonce before it gets too late.

Genesis stares intently at me, as if she was in deep thought about me wanting to leave already,

"Okay, let me say good-bye to Aaron one last time, then we can go."

Gathering my stuff, I leave $30.00 on the bar to pay for my drink, then head to the exit to go wait at the car for Genesis. As I step outside, the cool nights air hits me immediately making me shiver a little. Hugging myself, I carry on to the car, glancing around the area, I notice that the line to the lounge is much shorter than when we first arrived. When I finally get to Genesis's car, I go into my clutch to fish for my phone. Grabbing it, I press the power button to look at the time. 11:47 p.m. it read. With my phone still on, I look down and notice my lock screen. It's of me, and Jhene at her favorite restaurant for what was our date night celebrating Jhene getting accepted into art school. Sighing heavily, a wave of sadness washes over me as my eyes become misty from the tears that started to form. Damn, I really miss her.

"Ohh shit, bitch. It's cold as fuck tonight."

Looking up to see Genesis arrive to the car, finally, before I had a whole breakdown in this parking lot, I quickly blinked my eyes to make the tears go away.

Genesis clicked the car fob twice to unlock her freshly polished black 2014 Hyundai Sonata, we both got in. Genesis immediately turned the heat on the lowest temperature, as the radio automatically turned on, Drake's song '0 to 100' filled the car. I turned the radio down to where the music was playing lowly. We both put on our seatbelts, as Genesis put the car in drive, and began to exit the parking lot of the lounge.

As the song on the radio switched to Tove Lo's song 'Habits', the lights from different buildings, and street lights we passed by, illuminated the car, creating a peaceful silencing atmosphere between us two.

"So when you gone decide to tell me the real reason you wanted to leave the lounge so early?" Genesis spoke, breaking the silence, and putting and emphasis on 'real', keeping her eyes on the road.

I leant my head on the window, and lowly laughed at the fact I can't get anything past this girl. I still decided against revealing me meeting Beyonce, and planning to go to her house to Genesis, when I realized I would have to tell her that me and Jhene broke up. I'm over the situation, and trying my very hardest to forget the whole thing ever happened. I settled on telling her I was tired, and had stuff to do early in the morning tomorrow, which was a complete lie.

"I remembered last minute that I have some things I have to do early tomorrow morning, that'll require me to be well rested." I don't like lying to Genesis. I mean the girl has been one of my closets friends for years, and we tell each other everything, even the things that we should keep to ourselves, but I honestly don't know if I'm ready to tell Genesis what transpired between me and Jhene causing us to break up. In due time, I will, I just won't on the night it happened.

Genesis sighed heavily realizing she wasn't getting the scoop on my real plans for tonight, but settled for the answer I gave her. Silenced filled the car once again, and for the remaining car ride to my house.

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