Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Beyoncé Knowles

12:14 A.M

After applying the light mist of, Tom Fords, "Velvet Orchid" perfume on my left wrist, I rub it around my neck and chest area and stand up in front of the vanity mirror to glance over myself one last time, fluffing out my honey blonde curls putting a few curls on either side of my chest.

I nod at myself and smirk, pleased with the way I look, I began to clean up the vanity and other areas of my room that got dirty in the midst of me getting ready, and light some candles up.

I exit my room and make my way down the steps to the living room. I light the fire place, and light up a few candles around the living room. I turn off the lights only allowing flames of the candles and the dancing flames in fire place to be our source of light.

Turning on the radio installed in the wall, I decide on putting on some slow jams. The sweet love song, "This Woman's Work" by the artist, Maxwell, fills the living room.

With the low lighting, the crackles of the burning firewood, and the slow jam creating a soothing aura, my soul relaxes more as my sexual energy increases.

12:27 A.M

I come back from the kitchen with a bottle of, "Dow's 2011 Vintage Porto" sitting in a bucket of ice in my left hand, with two wine glasses in my right and place the items on the living room table, and take a seat on the couch to wait for Robyn to arrive.

Shortly after, the doorbell rings and I stand up to smooth out the small wrinkles on the midnight blue silk robe I had tide around me to cover the surprise I had underneath for Robyn, as I make my way to the front door.

Taking a deep breath in with my hand on the door knob, my stomach tightens a bit as I become a bit nervous. Opening the door to Robyn standing on the other side, I take in her attire seeing she must have went home to change.

My eyes slowly roam down her body all the way down to her feet, and back up to her eyes. I'm met with an intense stare from Robyn herself. I instantly became wet. Refusing to cower under her gaze I quickly gather myself and smirk.

"Hello, Robyn." I say in a seductive tone.

Licking her lips at me she responds.

"Hello, Beyoncé." She says matching me tone.

I open the door wider, allowing her to enter. As she enters my home, I take in her perfume. It smells familiar, I just couldn't put a name to it at the moment. I close and lock the door and lead Robyn to the couch with our wine glasses already laid out.

"Please, make yourself comfortable." I say to Robyn, as she leans back and sinks into the plush velvet blue couch. I pick up both the wine glasses, extending one to her.

"A toast. To new acquaintances."

We clink our glasses together, and take a sip. I place my glass back on the table, but Robyn keeps hers in her hand, and sink in the couch myself crossing my legs on top of each other. Turning to face Robyn, I notice her looking around the living room taking everything in.

"Damn, you have a bomb ass house girl." She says still looking around. I chuckle a bit.

"Thank you. It took a while to get here, but all the hard work payed off."

Nodding her head in a understanding notion, "Right, right. So you live here by yourself?" She asks me.

I decide to mess with her a bit.

"You don't hear or see anyone else, do you?"

Looking at me out of the corner of her eyes, she smirks catching on to my satire, "I mean, you don't have any kids or pets named 'Ernie' running around?" She says now fully turned to me. This time I let out a hearty laugh at the pet name she gave.

"Out of all the pet names you could think of, 'Ernie', just happened to be at the top?" She joins me in laughing.

"But no, I don't have any kids or pets." I say calming down from my laughter, keeping a smile on my face. "What about you? Got anybody keeping you entertained at home?"

"Nope. Just me, myself, and my toys." She answers nonchalantly, taking a sip of her wine. My eyes widen at the last thing she said. I sit for a moment in silence, as my mind drifts into deep thoughts of her pleasuring herself... and me watching. Feeling more wetness drip into my panties, I scoot closer to Robyn wrapping my arm around her shoulders, I uncross my legs and place my right leg onto Robyn's lap. It was her turn to be startled.

I lean closer into her ear and whisper in a seductive tone, "Well, tonight I want to be your only source of entertainment." Licking from the top of her ear down to her neck, I began to suck and lightly bite on the area I was occupying, creating a love mark. Robyn let out a deep breathy moan as her body froze up.

I smirked into her neck, loving the way her body reacted to me. I take the wine glass out of her hand and place it onto the table. I move to where I'm sitting in her lap, looking her directly in her eyes. The energy of the room is filled with strong sexual tension between the two of us. I lean in closer to her face leaving no space between us, and kiss her passionately.

She doesn't kiss back at first being that she was shocked, but it didn't take her long to kiss me back, deepening the kiss. As we are indulged in a full make out session, Robyn's hands rap around me as she rubs up and down my back before letting both of her hands settle on my ass.

Squeezing it, then smacking my right cheek hard leaving a stinging sensation, I moaned into the kiss. She bites my lip causing me to open my mouth, as she slips her tongue in. We both fight for dominance at first, until she smacks my ass again allowing her to gain control. Our make out session continues on a few more minutes until

I pull away first, and just stare into her eyes some more. Her eyes are so fucking mesmerizing. Wanting more from her, I hop off her lap, and grab her hand snatching her up from the couch as well, and lead her upstairs to my main bedroom where more candles reside, closing and locking the door behind me.

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