Lustful Desires

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Robyn Fenty

12:53 A.M

As we reach Beyoncé's bedroom, Beyonce closes and locks the door then pushes me aggressively on the bed, climbing on top of me. I sink further into her bed becoming aware of the cold dark red sheets. Avoiding the piercing stare she was giving me, I began to look around her room taking in the many candles she had lit. The sweet smell of vanilla and caramel fills my nostrils. This woman loves her some candles. Finally landing my eyes back on her I ask, "Is your room usually this sensual or did you do all this for me?" I say with a smirk making it's way on my face, as I rub my hands up and down her thighs.

Beyoncé glances around her room, her eyes landing back on me. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't," she says as she leans lower towards me, making our faces just inches apart, "what'chu gone give me if I did do all this for you?" She leans down and finally smashes her lips into mine. I was startled at first by the sudden action, but I immediately started kissing her back as we both fought for dominance.

I start making my way up her thighs till I reach her ass giving it a squeeze followed by a smack on both cheeks which caused her to moan in between kisses turning me on more. I break away from her to catch my breath, as we both lock eyes again. It was my turn to be in control so I flipped us over with me on top. I stand up off the bed to undress my self leaving me in only my panties, then climb back on the bed and straddle her lap.

I untie her robe revealing her sexy lingerie set, and allowed my eyes to just roam her body taking in every curve, dip, her toned stomach, and every beauty mark that resides on her perfect frame. My eyes make their way back to hers as I stare into her

lust filled eyes. "Take this off." I say motioning to her robe and bra. As she does so, my eyes remain on her watching her every move. Finally unsnapping her bra, she tosses it somewhere onto the floor and leans back on the bed, and I instantly lean down and start to kiss her again, and make my way down to her neck kissing and sucking on it creating hickeys and licking over the marks that started to appear. I start kissing lower down her body reaching her breasts, and take the left one into my mouth, sucking and licking her nipple all the while massaging the right one looking her directly in her eyes, watching her unravel as moans escape her mouth and she leans her head back down on the pillow. I switch to her right breast and repeat my actions.

I start kissing down her body again, leaving hickeys on her stomach here and there until I finally reach her pussy. (A/N: Y'all I really hate the word "P*ssy" so for me to even use that term is beyond me!) I decide to tease her a bit by spreading her legs wider and licking the inside of her left thigh and kiss my way down to her pussy, then moving to her other thigh and doing the same thing. "Mmh baby stop teasing me." She says to me looking down at me in an exasperated tone followed by her biting down on her bottom lip. I chuckle lowly seeing how frustrated her horniness is making her.

I pull her panties all the way off her legs, exposing her clean, shaved pussy and lean back down in front of it. I blow on her clit causing her back to arch and release a breathy moan. Then I take my tongue and lick from her opening to the top applying a bit of pressure to the lick. I reach my arm up and take hold of her nipple slightly pulling and twisting it, as I push my tongue all the way in her as far as I could go and flick my tongue in an up and down motion.

"Fuuuuckk baby!" She says. I arch my back putting my ass in the air and spread my legs while reaching my left hand between my legs sliding my panties to the side and inserting my middle and ring finger into my wetness and start fingering myself while I'm still tongue fucking Bey and fondling her breast with my right hand. Getting so lost in the pleasure I'm giving myself, I moan into Beyoncé pussy causing her to start moaning uncontrollably. The sounds of both of our wetness and moans fills the chilling room. I taking my tongue out of her and replace it with three fingers, and began to draw circles around her clit with my tongue. Picking up the pace of me fingering myself, I can start to feel my stomach tighten meaning, I'm near my first release of the night. I gently take her clit in my mouth and start humming while I began to finger the both of faster.

I look up and see that Bey has her eyes closed tightly together, with both of her hands playing with her breast. "Shit baby, I'm about to cum!" "Me too." I say as I feel her legs start to shake, and her vagina walls start to pulsate around my fingers letting me know she's about to release. I curve my finger in a "come hither" motion in both of us. My climax comes as I shut my eyes together, as my mouth forms a "O". Soon after Bey reaches her climax, as her back arches and she squeezes her nipples, she let's out a loud high pitched squeal. As we both calm down from our orgasms, I take my hand out of both of us and place the fingers that were in me in her mouth, and the fingers that were in her, in my mouth as we both stare into each others eyes and lick the juices off my fingers.

"Mmh baby you taste so sweet!" I say as I take my fingers out of our mouths and smirk. She lowly chuckles, "Thank you. You tired?" I shake my head no, as I sit on my knees in between her legs. "Good, cause we're just getting started baby." She says as she reaches up and grabs me by my shoulders down to her pulling me into a kiss. This bout' to be one hell of a night! I think to myself.

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