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This story is about Emily and starting 11th grade. In the beginning of the year she found out that she is pregnant but she doesn’t know who the father is Mattia or his best friend Lucas

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Emily is getting ready for the first day of 11th grade. She’s putting her books in her bag when her mother comes in her room and talks to her before she goes off to school. “ Emily there will be rules now since you are starting school again. Which means no more going out late, no sleeping around-“ “ Mom aren’t you over reacting just a little bit?” Emily said. “ I want you to be more focused this year.” Emily’s mom said. Emily finally goes to school and during lunch she sees her friends, Stephanie, Lucas, Mattia, and Tom. Stephanie says “ how was your summer?” “ Mine was alright. How was Hawaii?” Emily says to Stephanie. “ It was fun but I wish Lucas was there.” Stephanie says while looking at Lucas. “ Why did you wish that” Emily says confused. “ Lucas did not tell you? Before I left, we got together.” Stephanie says while looking at Lucas. “ Oh. Lucas and I have to go but we will talk later bye.” Emily says worryingly. Emily takes Lucas to the music room and closes the door. They talk about what they did during the summer and why didn’t he tell her about Lucas having a girlfriend. Lucas apologizes and Emily tells him “ we have to agree to never speak about our hook up and it won’t happen again.” Lucas agrees but he says “ I will agree only if we have one last kiss.” Emily agrees and they kiss but someone catches them through the glass window on the door and takes a picture.

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