The Mafia Queen

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Whitney Winters is a school nerd running from her past . The nerd can be a mafia queen in reality . Damien Marchetty school's bad playboy and leader of one of the world's famous gangs. What happens when fate bring them together *note: this is my first book so please ignore gramatical mistakes.*

Romance / Other
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Whitney POV:

I groaned at the noise of alarm .I switched it off and saw it is 4:30am . I got up from my bed and went to closet then I changed into my gym clothes and went to 1st floor to my digital gym .I started with running on my treadmill for 10 miles then continued with pushups,pullups,squats,weightlifting,shooting with my favourate pistol M1911A1,knife throwing and then I finished it with plank. My muscles were already burning so I went to my room stripped out of my clothes and entered in my bathroom I started to take a hot shower relaxing my muscles the switched to cold one waking me up . After that I went to my closet and decided to wear a mustard hoody twice my size reaching till mely knees and a black Jeans. I wore my fake glasses so that no one can recoginize me . I ate 2 bread and glass of milk as my breakfast and headed towards my school. By walking for 15 minutes I reached my school I headed toward my lockers to keep my books with no one paying attention to me . I went to my first class that was physics . Soon the teacher came in and started explaining with me not paying attention to single word she said . I took out my ear phones and started listning to music because I already knew what she was saying. I have already done the studies till graduation when I was 6 beacuse I am the daughter of world's most feared mafia. Yep you heard right I am the daughter of world 's most feared mafia I ran away from him when I was 16 after my mother died otherwise he would have turned me into a monster. He was really cruel to me he made me shhot people when I was 5 and because of that I have temper issues. I have been controlling that since I entered this school at first sme of bullys tried to pick on me but I didn't responded so I was given the title of school nerd when in real I am next mafia queen if I didn't abondoned my father ofcourse. I continued listening to my music and physics class went by.

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